Fixed, 0% and 100% growths with flags

Recently, I decided to implement growth options to my hack, but since it was a non-skill systems hack, it was quite tedious to organise all of the resources into an isolated folder. Since I’ve done it now, I thought I’d save anyone else who wants to implement growth options the trouble of having to do it all themselves by just sharing my folder.

If you’re using febuilder, just go to insert ea and select the “GrowthGetters.event” file. Nothing else is required, the rest is done for you from there. If you’re using buildfiles, you probably know what you’re doing anyway lol, just #include the “GrowthGetters.event” file.

The flags are set to:
0% growths - global flag ED
100% growths - global flag EE
Fixed growths - global flag EF

Credit to skill systems for the fixed growth flag and credit to @Sme for the 0% and 100% growth flags. Also, thanks to @Contro for helping me out with this.

Download the file here:


I try to add on another roms but didn’t work

After installing the patch, you need to turn on the flag for whichever growths mode you want (listed above) via an event. It works well with the split menu patch as well if you want to be able to decide which to use on a playthrough-by-playthrough basis.

I try to add the patch but the same message appears in the other roms:
2 errors encountered:
File GrowthGetters.event, Line 77, Column 1: Symbol MagCharTable isn’t in scope
File GrowthGetters.event, Line 78, Column 1: Symbol MagClassTable isn’t in scope

No data written to output.

I’m not sure what could be causing this. The patch installs completely fine onto a vanilla FE8U rom, so perhaps there is a conflicting patch? Make sure you are installing the “GrowthGetters.event” file and not the “GrowthBonuses.event” file or the “GrowthModesCheck.event” file. Once you have installed the “GrowthGetters.event” file, nothing else needs to be touched. If you are certain you’re doing everything correctly and it’s still not working, feel free to send me a copy of the rom, and I’ll take a look for you.

I was trying with some hacks and I think it’s because the str/mag split system that some roms have doesn’t allow it to be installed

I see. I haven’t tested this patch with skill systems hacks, so that very well may be the case. However, I’m fairly sure skill system hacks come with the fixed growths flags automatically, so if you wanted fixed growths, you could just turn on global flag EF. If you wanted 0%/100% growths, there’s always the option of changing each characters growth rates manually.

Well, some work and some don’t but thanks I guess

Sorry to hijack your thread, but I came up with a way to install 100% growths on any fe8u hack here:

I think it could also be turned into 0% growths pretty easily. However, it would not as easily support fixed growths.

Hi I’m having some problems with installing this into my room
I followed your instructions as described and am not using either str/mag split or skillsystems however when I went to insert the .event file I got this error message

“File GrowthGetters.event, line 126, column 1: symbol class_level_cap_table isn’t in scope”

Perhaps a problem with c2ea? I don’t remember if febuilder needs to be connected to c2ea or if simply having it run in the file is enough. It works completely fine with fe8u, so either it’s conflicting with another patch or there’s a problem with the setup. If you can’t get it working, feel free to dm me a copy of the rom and I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

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Hey thanks for the quick response I appreciate it. Following your advice I ran the program mentioned and was able to install it, everything is working as intended now thank you.

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