Fix Battle Quotes to display only for attack sequences?

I’ve run into some slight problems while trying to implement battle quotes for playable characters. Traditionally, vanilla FE uses these functions (unspecified battle quotes, the array at 0xC9EAF4, and character match-up quotes at 0xC9EDA0) only for enemy units. Bosses are rarely, if ever, put into a position where they would do anything other than attack.

For example, a battle quote intended for the boss’s confrontation with the player’s party occurs if said boss uses a physic staff. When being refreshed by the dance command, the target character’s quote will display if it hasn’t already. Additionally, there were reports that Canas’s battle quote would trigger if he was rescued while still an NPC. The current setup, obviously, is less than optimal in its functionality.

Basically, I need the battle quote display routines changed so that battle quotes only show up in attack sequences, not for heal/dance/anything else the game does.

Anyone game?

If not, I guess I won’t mind not having to write all of those quotes. But also this would probably be a good thing to fix generally.

I can take a look at it

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I’m so happy FE8 handles battle quotes differently. You can even choose to have battle specific quotes for characters and/or chapters.

FE7 does that already.


Oh derp
No more of my “FE8 is better” shit this time I guess :stuck_out_tongue: