Fist-Fighting Animation

Can Someone please make a battle animation for a fist fighting class? I am making a ROM hack and im adding Captain Falcon For the memes and there isnt any fist fighting animations in the SS files?

There is already a motion for Boxer
[Journeyman-Custom] [M] Boxer by Neph

and there is a female motion available on the NGMansion Discord.

Author is doradorago.
they took a count on FEU the other day, so maybe they can send it to the repository in the future.

There is also a punchgarde that was not included in the repo as the author vilk did not want to redistribute it…

I have the data, but I cannot give it to you because refused to distribute it.


That animation is not finished and even the attack in the gif will break the game if used normally.


That a scripting problem or something else? I could script it if you want

This topic was created for you because you were entirely off topic with your post.

You’re doing it again, and you posted this exact question in two threads.

Appreciate the offer, but the gif is literally all there is to it, and it is scripted but specifically for the gif. It was never meant to be used in-game, i just thought it’d be a fun thing to make after they revealed fist weapons as an option in the game.

If i was going to do a proper version of it, it’d need to be completely redone, both design/animation wise and to remove the axe (which is just there because the pre-release material was like, this is an axe lord… but also, fists are an option.)

The version I rebuilt based on your gif is working correctly.
So far I have not found any glitches.
I have created 3 others and they all work fine.
I took your gif, rebuilt the script, added the missing frames, and finished it as a motion.

However, I cannot provide the data because you told not to distribute it.
I can provide the data if you permit.
In these cases, it would be better if we could discuss the data publicly, but for this purpose, we would like your permission to make the data public.

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Are you saying you made dodge, critical, ranged animations?

Why are you “rebuilding” and editing animations from gifs that are not public releases in the first place?

Are you saying you made dodge, critical, ranged animations?


Why are you “rebuilding” and editing animations from gifs that are not public releases in the first place?

This is because your animation concept was great.
However, you only published gif data, and since you were away all the time and could not be reached at all, I had to recreate the animation myself based on the gif data you had published.

You’re turning this into more of a issue than it needs to be; if it was explicitly stated that it wasn’t published you should have left it be. Don’t try and frame this as someone gatekeeping when their work was never public nor finished.

But the gifs are public.
I am only using information that is publicly available.
I am just reverse engineering it, just like ROM Hack.

And I am also trying to contact vilk before reverse engineering.
and, You blocked the thread and sabotaged what I was trying to do, didn’t you?

I couldn’t help myself, so I just reconstructed it based on the gifs that are publicly available.

I think we’re done here. Vilk’s initial response makes it clear enough to me that he’s not comfortable with someone else using his not-for-use artwork, so that animation is a dead-end for the purpose of this thread.

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Do you think a one-inch punch animation or Straight Cross punch animation would be easier to animate?

Easier 1 inch punch, better looking and more logical, definitely Straight Cross punch. ya don’t normally punch a guy after holdin yer hand up to his chest after all least without gettin that limb cut off starwars style