First time playing shadow dragon


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myrmidon wrys


send gordin to die instead of frey!


IMO aside from the first 3 FE games (never played them), Shadow Dragon Marth is byfar the worst lord in the series, so have fun with that lol. But it’s a pretty decent game so have fun!

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Marths growths are pretty good for SD standards, he is usually fast enough to not get doubled by anything after a few levels, certainly wouldn’t call him the worst. He’s just mediocare, but still useful thanks to his rapier, which is forgeable, and his relatively high move. Compare that to say Lyn, Roy, or argueably Micaiah

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other than roy I can see it, at least marth can grab villages and gets the fire emblem somewhat early on.

Roy does nothing and dies in one hit

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in the lower difficulties i think he’s probably okay. he can probably score OHKOs with rapier forge, whereas that’d be unfeasibly expensive in h5

-frey is the best cav

-athena is worth the murder of your extra units

-marth needs forged swords

-General wolf carries

-The winged spear is the best character in the game

have fun!


-many units sacrificed for one that doesn’t have that good of bases or growths




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