Fire Memeblem [Story Suggestions, Progress]

Heya, all. Making a Fire Emblem game thing in Java

Essentially, me and a friend got accepted into AP Computer Science, and the final project of the year is to make your own game in Java. Since we’re total Fire Emblem trash, we’ve decided to essentially make a FE fan game that is all of the circle jerking and meme bullshit of the fanbase.

We are going ahead and attempting to emulate the GBA style of visuals and sound design, while adding skills and the like. (Seriously, skills are the fucking bomb)
It’s also going to be hard. Balls to the walls hard. Fuck me in the fucking fuck hard. Bookmarks are your friend here!

We have essentially no idea what is going to go on in the story. We want characters to be able to talk to each other in battle for some funny convos, and also to have a set of characters from each continent present, even if they’re not playable.
And so, I ask for suggestions for the story, be as ridiculous as you’d like, just not anything too vulgar.

Since an X/10 rating doesn’t accurately tell us much, I’m going by a X/100 rating.
2/100 - We have a super basic grasp of what we want, but we ain’t got shit

You may go about your day now
I’ll be updating this as shit gets done, so whateves.

FE’s GUI is going to be crap hard with only AP CS knowledge.

For pathfinding, you’ll at least want to learn Dijkstra’s Algorithm and implement it using trees or something.

We’re planning on consulting a bunch of outside resources to create the game, overall building on AP CS experience/knowledge over the year.
And well, we’re working as partners, and not just a single person, so there is that.
Dijkstra’s Algorithm…I’ll keep that handy.