Fire Emblems games on java & another FE-like game with robots n guns

So uh first of all, hello guys, I’m new to the community, I think this is where I can discuss with people about Fire Emblem game stuffs with GBA style :smiley: (Question at the end of post!)

In my childhood I did not have access to stuffs like Gameboy advance or smartphones/ PCs to emulate GBA Fire emblem games. However, my first “Fire emblem games” were on java on Nokia phones, later I learned they were just games not made officially and more like fan games made by a group of Russian developers under the name of “Gameislive” (their website gone now and most info about them I can’t find anymore).

As far as I know they released quite a lot of their Fire Emblem games in the style similar to GBA, they named them in number like these: (please ignore all the website watermarks, I could only find these on google search)

Fire Emblem 1: Invasion

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Fire Emblem 2: Opposition

Fe2-item cho

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Fire Emblem 3 - Chapter 1: Regeneration (or Liberation, translation inconsistency stuff)


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Fire Emblem 3 - Chapter 2: Regeneration

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Fire Emblem 3 - Chapter 3: Purification


EDIT: I found a playlist of someone playing all these FE games on YT! Link here or you can also search Fire Emblem J2ME on YT to find more

The story basically follows the main character Wood Accor who is the prince of a country named Sofia (good guys) fighting against another invasive country named Gailu (bad guys). Mira is the good god and Sodom is the evil god on each side accordingly.

I played those games before years years later discovering the TRUE Fire Emblems GBA games like FE7, FE8 and then FE6.

So far there are some interesting differences between those games I played and the GBA version, naming some of them:

  • Your main units (with portrait and name) don’t permanently die when defeated in battle, they can still be played next chapter unless the plot does something to force you
  • You can have the option to chose one of your units as “leader” of the green units. The EXP gained by green units will be transported to said leader
  • They use anima triangle for magic, so light and dark tomes don’t exist here
  • There are only 10 levels each game. In the Fire Emblem 3 games, you can move on world map to go back to previous locations to buy items or fight enemies (GBA FE8)
  • In total your army has 10 main characters. Blue characters without portrait and names exist too, they can gain EXP and level up but you’re most likely wasting since those units will disappear or be replaced next maps…
  • There are some interesting mechanics too!
  • In Fire Emblem 3 chapter 1, you start with only 2 units, then after beating first map you can choose to rescue one of your 4 units, then after beating 2nd map you choose to rescue one of your 2 units, then after that every map you rescue one more until you have full army by near the end of the game
  • In Fire Emblem 3 chapter 2, the maps and enemies might vary depends on your choice of answer during conversations
  • In the final game, it is the most interesting. There is a hidden mode for you to pick the evil side

EDIT: Partially, I also made this post because I just discovered some of these unofficial FE games (FE3 chapter1, 2, 3) took the map music from Fire Emblems Echoes Act 3 music “Undiscovered Horizons”

BONUS: Gameislive also made another Fire Emblem-like game on java that doesn’t have anything to do with medieval wars and fantasy gods stuffs. But rather it’s about very high tech giant robots fighting in the far future.

I don’t know what is this game’s name in English since I could only find the Vietnamese translated version of the game, called “Mặt trận bước đột phá”.

The story is between 2 countries fighting again Lempray (good guys) vs Empire (bad guys).

Game design is similar to other FE games with GBA styles above. However mechanic wise, there are interesting differences:

  • Each unit has not just HP but also “AP”, which is basically energy you spend on moving, attacking and using active abilities
  • Weapons are varied and interestingly unique: There are gauntlets with varied close range from 1~1 to 2~2 to 1~2. There are Snipers with range that are basically very long straight lines like 2~8 only, no diagonal range. There are rocket launchers with 2~6 range that blast in a 3x3 area.
  • Active abilities: you spend AP to use them before initiating a fight. Listing some of them: Attacking with all your available weapons one by one, extend your movement for one turn, double attack, lock an opponent’s movement for one turn, sure strike, increase damage and crit for sniper if you’re sniping an enemy behind your ally, allowing rocket launcher to be able to attack after moving, etc…

I’m so sorry my post was a mess because I’m a newbie so Idk about the formality to make a proper post, but I was just excited to find back my nostalgia of those unofficial FE games and share it with people.

EDIT: You can play these games by installing Kemulator to run java games on PC, then download “.jar” files of these games to run. I think there are English versions of these FE games on the internet but if you wanna find the Vietnamese version (you can easily find these with lots of mods and hacks available) the name is “Hỏa Ấn” (Fire Emblem). Then just add 1 2 3 or “chương” (chapter). For example “Fire Emblem 3 Chapter 1 java” = “Hỏa ấn 3 chương 1 java”.

So my question is… I’m wondering if any of you guys have played these games too and have you guys found English version of them ? Maybe we can have very good discussions about the games here xD (Also sorry sorry for my terrible English!)


So guys prior to this post I just listened to the “Undiscovered Horizons” OST of FE Echoes and it gave me a flood of nostalgia Lol (I never played FE Echoes before) but goddamn the music, hearing it it all its glory instead of the compressed version I used to hear on Nokia…
Last time I heard it was ages ago when I played those unofficial FE games on Nokia phones.

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