Fire Emblem: Wicked Bond

This is solely the concept of my, maybe, rom hack I will make in the future. I have somewhat of a story but I don’t really know how to use things like FEBuilder yet. :smile:
The hack will be based on FE8.

Anyway, the story is about a young girl with immense magic potential, her name is Hicatia, I will explain why later.
She is visiting the “School Of Wizardry and Magic” and is in a class with five other students and her teacher. On a normal day she felt dizzy and began to hear voices in her head. After some minutes she asked if she could go outside and get some fresh air. When outside, she collapsed on the ground. A school guard (or ward, whatever) immediately ran up to her and asked if she was okay. When she stood up she felt that the dizzyness was gone but she still heard voices in her head, and they became louder and louder.

When entering the class again, and getting stared on by everyone in the room, a sudden headache made her break down and as she stood up again an evil aura shrouded her. Her eyes, normally a beautiful dark brown, started to look empty, emotionless. She said nothing, and attacked the five students and the teacher. (This would be the prologue).

After killing the whole class, the aura vanished and her senses came back. Knowing what she has done, she ran away while being followed by the guards of the school through a forest. This is where she mets the first character, Arran, a hunter (either a Mercenary or custom class that uses Bows and Swords. Not a regular Archer) on a normal day, not expecting that he will shortly protect the innocent-looking magic girl from armed men. (This would be the first chapter.)

Hicatia comes from Hecata or Hecate, who is the goddess of magic and/or necromancy. I wanted the name to sound more “common” so I called her Hicatia.
She has to be on track constantly, as the mightiest mages from the continent, guards and bounty hunters begin following her everywhere she is going.

Anyway, this is everything I have come up with so far. I definitely want Hicatia and her “army” to be small - there will be like 7 or 8 characters that can join at max.

At the middle of the story she will have to choose between the Light and the Dark Path. Whatever you choose, this will be the end of Act 1.
I haven’t come up with a good idea for the Light Path yet, but in the Dark Path she fully succumbs to the Demon inside her, making her the End Boss of the game (like Lyon). I also thought about making the player continue to play as possessed Hicatia. This would make her followers the future enemies because they try to stop her/release the demon inside her.
Also, I haven’t come up with a new “lord-like” main character that trades places with Hicatia, should she become the endboss. Probably Arran.

Act 2 will play some years later.

This is it. Thanks for reading! I personally love this story but it’s still empty as hell. I’m open for any suggestions!


Interesting idea. I might help you later if you want to but I sadly can’t help you a whole lot for a while.

The concept idea looks like it has potential. I’m certain that idea of yours will be realized one day.

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Thanks! I don’t have the time to do that though, so I hope that someone will eventually read this story and pick it up for a hack :smiley: