Fire Emblem Warriors GBA

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I do not know HTML so I am so very sorry if this is hard to read.

I am a new rom hacker having only made tiny little adjustments and characters for myself and my friends but I believe my newest project deserves at least a public announcement as to its existence.

What is Fire Emblem Warriors GBA
FEWGBA is a port of the game Fire Emblem Warriors for the Nintendo Switch onto the engine of FE8.

Wait but how do you port a 3D hack and slash game into the FE8 engine?
The game will feature FEW’s story and characters with the gameplay of a mainline FE game.

What will be included?
At the moment just the main game and DLC will be ported over as well as some extra characters from FE3H and eventually FE Engage to keep up a steady influx of units, as currently the balancing of the amount of units is not made for permadeath.

When will this be released?
Good question.

But seriously I am very early in development which is why I have this in concepts currently. I am currently working on making the characters/units while also dealing with school so it may be a while.

What languages will be available?
English and possibly French because those are the ones I know.

Do you have a Discord server?

Can I help out?
Yep, check the discord!


Due to a small mistake I made, I have had to restart the project but I have made much more progress. I have currently finished the characters and all signature weapons and am working on classes.


Since you’re a new member, you can’t include links or images until you’ve made a few posts on the forum.

I’ll look forward to this post’s revamp in a few days :smiley: