Fire Emblem War of the Heroes

Hello dudes, just throwing this out there that I am currently developing (Fire Emblem:War of the Heroes)

The premise of the game sets heroes from different worlds and different times all over the continent of Magvel during the invasion of the Grado Empire from Renais. This drastically changes many parts of the story as well. I have plans on adding a 9 map campaign on the custom city (Ladgou has been erased and replaced!)
As of right now; creating this topic: I am 3 months into development. The game has been coming along very nicely. (And yeah it’s got skillsystems because not adding it is silly)
To answer a few questions: This is a “What if” universe in FE. It starts with the lights in the sky all over magvel; almost looking like a meteor storm. Heroes from different timelines and worlds, some with entire armies; began appearing all over Magvel.


Should this be in Concept?


The title made me think this is a FE12 demake at first.
So it’s a crossover in the FE8 setting but in a different point of view?

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Yes/ and no. It’s a crossover yes, but with it’s own Origin story as to WHY the crossover is there. (Think, other FE universes getting Isekai’d)

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Oh, that’s a cool concept!

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How much progress have you made so far? I’m pretty interested in this idea and when this gets finished I’ll be sure to check it out. Good luck on development!

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I am currently working on the Ephraim/Erika Split routes right now. I put in usually 8+ hours a day on this every day :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind could you send what you have, a lot of people would like to see it?

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I can’t include links in my posts :frowning:
You can add me on discord at Glitchie#7146.

You should be able to post links now, are you sure?

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