Fire Emblem: Virtuous Three Version 1.13

I would do a damn daniel meme but it’s 2021
Actually, it’s 2022.

Anyway, back at it again with another project: FE VT
Current chapter being worked on: Ch8A/B
First Release: Chapters 1-8 (Hard Mode is there you weirdos)
That’s… really all I have to show for now, it’s in FEE3 so expect more information at that time.


FEE3 2021: Unification by Dancer_A - YouTube
FEE3 2022: Unification by Dancer_A - YouTube.

What about my other half finished projects? They’re in progress. Even… THAT one.


Given that I can’t count I guess I’m unprepared! But there’s the fee3 video, I’ll post something of relevance later


very awesome


I was going to binge watch FEE3 after it was done, but had to watch this one as soon as I saw it. It’s not every day we see Pokemon Conquest inspired projects, after all.

Going to keep an eye on this one, hope to see more of it. Good luck.



Did I get you? You should have seen your face.

Anyway back on track with this now that fe6a is essentially done, so updates will be coming.


not gonna lie, they had us in in the first half

But I’m looking forward to what you have in store for the project !

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Weekly updates? Surely not this again…

Most of what I’ve been working on is addressing some problems I found in the older build (enemy stats were kind of eh), revamping the weapon system (aka we’re full fates now for the most part), and rebalancing what’s already been show off. I’ll see if I can remember to update the first post with the current chapter being worked on.

And here’s a screen, new icons courtesy of @GabrielKnight
The stat screen is slowly changing


Damn that’s one of the best looking stat screen I ever seen ! :open_mouth:

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I see Fates I clap, really excited for further updates!

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“Weekly” update, showing off a bit of the newest addition, 4x, as well as a new class (not finished yet) courtesy of @GabrielKnight (the crossbow, Fulgur and shuriken icons are theirs too). Serpent knights are inspired heavily by Langrisser’s class with the same name. They’re pretty slow on land, but unmatched at water movement. Rivers basically become highways for them to speed across.


So much going in those screenshot, I love the variety of classes !
But If I can, I have some little question:

  • The Serpent knights looks like a very interesting concept, with how rare water-oriented units are, even in romhack ! but is it complicated in term of level-design to take into account this kinds of units (like to make them shine in their own niche of gameplay) ? Anyway I’m hyped to try this unit :smile:

  • Also, does the ninja in the Hack works like in Fates? With different shurikens doing debuff on foes, and things like that. Even though Fates didn’t made a great uses of them most of times, it was an interesting kinds of units that can add a lot to tactics and shake things up !

  • And those crossbowman looks quite nice ! Are they a kind of more bulkier archer?

  • And are the “worg” a kind of laguz-like units? It’s always cool to see some units like that !


oooh this seems promising. and lots of weapons types I see :o

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Pretty much. Some chapters no you probably shouldn’t be bringing them, but their movement isn’t reduced to 0, they just basically move as slow as an armored unit. So even in less than ideal situations they’re still perfectly usable. Idea is that you will have a wide assortment of units to pick and choose which fit better for each given situation (although if you want to pick your starting 10 and never switch, that’s fine too lol).

There is a debuffing shuriken, I’m not exactly a fan of everything debuffing. Shuriken’s niche is everything is 1-2 range, while knives will always do at least 1 damage.

Essentially armorbows after promotion, like in FE6A.

More like a manakete.


Thanks for the answers ! It’s nice to give the incentive to player that they shouldn’t always use the same characters, and vary their team a bit !



Progress Report

now to find some SICK screenshots to pad this out
some portrait changes (Takeyoshi also has one planned), new units, mages being bad, and the final boss of A route :star_struck:


another progress report in the books

and as usual i must find nonsense to make this feel more exciting

we have unlucky Azai, serpents now have map sprites! @L95 !!!
Wind’s new effect being shown off (Brave vs Fliers), and Yurin had a slight portrait change.


Sorry for the radio silence, I had initially planned on releasing last week, but got sick and got caught up on multiple other things. Additionally, I was also waiting on the Tactile update, so I figure it makes more sense to make those update before releasing rather than after.
So either next week or the following expect a link.

… I almost regret submitting to FEE3 given the video is in a far less finished state than I am currently.


Been a little bit, I have news: release will be either next weekend or the following with the planned chapters all being included.

Also there’s a new name.

And due to the month we’re in… it will be the Halloween Edition :jack_o_lantern: :ghost:
(this is a joke)

Also maybe an android version as well???


My mouth is watering for this one, watching the FE3 2022 video has me feral for this. It looks so good, really amazing character designs, love the Japanese inspired weapons, love the tribe/clan skills, so excited.

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it’s halloween

have at it