Fire Emblem Universe 2k


Let’s party, kids!



stealing my screenshots, are we


FEU2K hack ft. playable threads vs. double posters and necrobumps when?

It was the year 2018, the great flame war had subsided, and the spam empire fell. A new fire emblem forum rose from the ashes, lead by Hack Directory and Mugging Blitz 3, in order to protect the new universe they had built. There are now 2000 threads living in this new world, but there are whispers of noobs with poor forum etiquette on the horizon. Our story begins with a cryptic post in a dead concepts thread…


2,000 threads over the last four and a bit years? Time to look at some numbers. Who made the most threads? Let this crude image tell the top ten!

Altogether, these people’s threads make up 609 of the topics posted on this incarnation of Fire Emblem Universe.


Oh boy, that would make a pretty skewed graph.

10 people started ~30% of the threads. Neat.


I’m glad I barely made it to the top 10. someday a spammer, always a spammer




Merry FEUmas, kids.


Not exactly “new”, but I did it about a month ago and never posted it. Introducing “Embrace the Light,” for all you kids who want a bright theme but don’t like Serenes colors.


Can’t talk about threads without talking about postcounts. All 38.3k posts.

Have the top 20, because postcounts are serious business or something.
They amount to 13,757 posts. Though you can’t see it, Colorz only has one more post than Klok.

Three people have over a thousand posts.
Twelve people have over 500 posts.
22 (last few not shown) have over 300 posts.
29 break the 200 post mark.
Exactly 50 have a hundred posts. There are 1284 members. That translates to a 3.89% ratio of people who post that often.


Still a few kinks to work out, but the new “Purple Kush” skin is live.


Oh wow. I didn’t think I posted that much. It feels like I don’t comment a lot more than I do.



And for more celebration/hype:


ye bastard, have we not gone through this song and dance before?


Sad that I didn’t make it on either list.
Officially lurker status now, I guess.


Loving the TLP mini. I still don’t understand why they’re so reviled.



From what I understand, the general consensus on TLP minis is that they’re lazy. While they are easier to do than normal minis, TLP minis vs normal minis is simply down to preference of artstyle.