Fire Emblem Three Houses Randomizer

Thanks, but I was able to contact nkenny01 and get it solved, and yeah the entire issue was just I was using the wrong site

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I have the same problem, anyone can send via discord the website where i can download the correct rom? My discord is Chelo#7919

I sent you a friend request on discord a bit ago, if you accept i can get you the link that nkenny01 sent me

Hi, not sure if anyone has a solution but I’ve been trying this out on yuzu and everything I checked in the randomizer appears to have been randomized like the crests and skill strengths/weaknesses, except stats which remain like how they are in the base game. I looked everywhere for an explanation and made sure all the mod folder directories were correct but nothing changes the stats… if anyone knows a fix I would be very grateful!

Same problem with the dumping so if anyone here still has some guidance for the website i’d really appreciate it :3
Discord is claymot#1170

I tried sending you a friend request but it said you have to add someone, so:

Question. how does one do it on a yuzu 918. Im trying to figure it out however my brain is destroying itself.

Im stumped at the moment. Reading everyone instructions. I cant find the romf folder. And from the looks of it everyone has like different ways and different things. And im far lost here. Assistance would be nice.

Ok so its been a bit since I’ve touched yuzu and FE3H randomizer, but you should be able to customize the folder location by going to yuzu (emulation → configure → system → file system), then try right clicking fe3h and dumping.

I hope it works, if not, ask some more and I’ll see what I can to help. (its been like a month since ive even opened yuzu lol)

I can’t reach him, but maybe I would be able to ask him about this from doing this.