Fire Emblem Three House: Pearl Tides| A Three Houses DLC spin-off

The continent of Fodlan has many lands beyond the kingdom, empire, and alliance. These include Mach, Dagda, and Morfis. One such land is Albinea. A barren tundra with unique and vast flora and fauna. In imperial year 750, the last known men of Albinea left leaving only the royal family and its maids and butlers. On the far western coast of the kingdom, it holds minor to no strategic advantage and thus they have been left from many battles and wars. Yet all isn’t as it seems in the kingdom of Albinea.
I took an even more liking to the kingdoms and regions of Fodlan after Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Due to this, I got invested in a story idea I had for Albinea in particular. So as of now I’m creating a seven-chapter FE8 rom hack emulating the Cindered Shadows DLC. As such I’m calling the four new members the Platinum Rams and the route is known as Pearl Tides. The Rom hack itself may be done within the next few months as it is just me.