Fire Emblem Thrakia 776

Alright down to the basics. I have modified the game, Fire Emblem Thracia 776 with some new features, rather basic, but new nonetheless. I’m rather new to the hacking scene, but I’ll still manage to do as much as I can.

This is an alpha hack as of the moment, and most things are subject to change.

Now the stuff you want to here about.


  • Base stats - Most have been changed to make the characters have a chance in the game and seem more usable.

  • Growths - Have been altered to many characters.

  • Items - Most items so far, excluding broken ones, have had more uses attached on. Personal weapons have a base 80 use and plot important weapons such as the Balagi Sword for example has infinite use.

  • New Characters - Technically not new, but added back in. So far Asaello is the only character, which takes the place of Ronan. More will be added later on, but for now I need to learn how to edit unit locations and such.

  • Enemies - Have scaled up a bit and get stronger as the game progresses due to Upgraded Weapons and growths. Most bosses have gained leadership stars in order to buff up some enemies as well. I’ll be buffing more of them later on as well.

  • Miscellaneous - Added some mt buffs to various weapons.
    Yotsumung does not poison anymore.
    Scrolls do not have penalties such as the -10% HP growth of the Sety scroll.
    Prices of weapons have changed to fit the new use counts.

Some Pretty Pictures:

Now the requirements:

  1. A clean rom of Fire Emblem - Thracia 776 (Japan) (Rev A) (NP)
  2. A header. So use SNEStuff or something of that nature.
  3. Patch using LunarIPS or a patcher of choice.
  4. Done.

Link to the Patch Dropbox - Thrakia.ips - Simplify your life

Enjoy! Also I greatly welcome feedback!