Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Pros and Cons

There are a lot of Fire Emblem Games that have their pros and cons on what’s so good about this game that made FE fans enjoy the most. Some say that they have good memories about their greatest accomplishments or some that the moments that screwed them over a lot of things like the story or the characters themselves.

That’s when an idea came to me, what are the pros and cons of Thracia 776?

This whole concept of an idea for the FE fans to say about the pros and cons of Thracia 776 based on their perspective and experience with it.

For example:
Pro - Thracia 776 has the best mechanics involving the Capture mechanic and using Scrolls to increase the unit’s growth rates to make a bad unit into a good unit despite the based stats or their join time.
Con - Movement Stars are a bad mechanic that can mess up your strategy when the enemy unit gets a second chance to move again, they can kill your unit for round two, and Fog of War is so hard to see the layout of the map to see where we wrap our unit in places that the enemies can ambush you at any time and at any moment.

Is it a good example? I do not know the answer to it.

Anyway, go on ahead to say your experience with Thracia 776 and say your Pros and Cons about Kaga’s Masterpiece.

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Pro: There’s a guide in the game.

Con: No, you can’t see it.


Pro: There is no tutorial.

Con: It seems like most people don’t like that for some reason.


Pro: It has a great difficulty.

Con: It has a great difficulty.


Pro: No Gods or Dragons to fight, just a ragtag bunch of weirdos saving a country from weird cultists. Love me some casts full of weirdos.

Con: Only maybe half of them get any real development. I know support convos wouldn’t be a thing until the next game, but more developed personalities and more talk convos would have been great to flesh these people out.


Pro: It’s set in Jugdral.

Con: It’s set in Jugdral and thus will never get a remake.



  • Playing it blind for the first time is an experience unlike anything else that Fire Emblem can give.
  • Slowly understanding and using the tools given is an amazing feeling.
  • It gets better and better for each play through.
  • Capturing is just so much fun.


  • Playing it blind for the first time can also cause agony unlike anything.
  • Enemy movement stars.

I was so afraid of playing Thracia in the past. I literally played up to chapter 3 two times but never played any further until recently, and oh boy I’m loving it!

It has literally a “easy mode” with no tutorials.
Scrolls can make any unit you want to use good if you put the effort.
Fatigue, because it makes you use units you wouldn’t use otherwise.
Action stars.
Staves can double!
Magic prf swords!
Kinda off-topic but Leif is a much better lord than Roy. You can’t change my mind.
Con and mov growth can be really helpful and fun if the RNG is on your side.

Playing it blindly can be a very frustrating experience lol (because things like chapter 4, escape chapters and fatigue can caught you off-guard)
Staves can miss :frowning:

That’s all I can think of. Still haven’t finished it.


Pros: It has some nice looking maps, and i think ill go and do something with that soon :wink:

Cons: I’ve never fully played it through, so I’m not entirely sure where maps are relative to each other and might need some help with that.


  • Unique Mechanics (like capturing, unlimited staff range, etc.)

  • focuses on the most interesting part of Jugdral

  • Quite a few cool maps


  • Low difficulty post Manster Arc

  • Kaga gottem moments

  • X chapters. All of them


Why must them all have fog of war? Why Kaga?

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  • it’s the easiest way to get into the SNES games
  • the mechanics are the groundwork for the modern day FE games
  • the game is stylistically pleasing to the eye
  • the gameplay can be fun
  • it introduced key mechanics of the series going forward such as interesting map objectives
  • it fixed what genealogy broke


  • it’s an SNES FE game
  • the mechanics induce anxiety and is easy to either over or under capture units
  • there is no tutorial
  • the game is a slog to play
  • the late-game is poorly balanced
  • the game leaves out key information and never explains most mechanics
  • Leif, the only character available from start to finish is incredibly hard to make usable in combat, supports are hidden there is no way for a blind player to make use of it by their own accord
  • The mere uttering of the game’s title draws in snot nosed elitists that shoo away any newcomers who dare want to try the game.
  • inventory management is a pain
  • no casual mode (it’s something that should be in every FE game as an OPTION)
  • no auto end turn
  • it was released for the SNES when the N64 was already out on the market.

I’d consider that a pro. I’m sure that saying this will draw someone’s ire, but N64/PS1 is the ugliest era of video games (more so PS1). The consoles were capable of 3D graphics, but those 3D graphics were really jagged and weird looking, and the ones that haven’t aged terribly are the handful that were mostly sprite based or it’s a Pokemon Stadium situation where there’s not really any content other than the presentation and it doesn’t need to load any large areas, so some decent models were jammed in the cartridge. And there was a bit of perception at the time that anything not for the Gameboy needed to be in 3D to be taken seriously. I’ll take the SNES sprites over Leif with jagged edges.


Some of the reasons why I was so afraid of playing it.

It kinda feels like most pre-GBA FEs are slow for some reason.

Isn’t it the case for basically every game that came before FE6?

I’d agree with you if the N64 wasn’t already on the market and I believe for quite a while at that, Thracia 776 bombed big time because it released on an outdated console, it’s the same situation with Echoes.

just because it wasn’t there until later, doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it, it was possible, it should’ve been an obvious inclusion.

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I haven’t play Thracia yet so I don’t know if you can carry or not.