Fire Emblem Thracia 776 OST Transcription Project


Argo Sleuf here. I’ve been working on a Thracia 776 transcription project for the better part of a year with Youtubers Michael Harding and Grauenritter. Progress has been slow but I have written a few songs on MuseScore under the same username. I could use help if anyone has time. You can find me on Twitter @ArgoSleuf and on Michael Harding’s discord, which can be found in the description of his YouTube videos. Otherwise feel free to check out the progress on the project.

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What do you mean by transcription?

Writing sheet music

Is there no way to export SNES music as MIDI? MuseScore sheet music is literally MIDIs…

I have been using Midis from Grauenritter to help the process of transcription, but the midis themselves are not exactly organized into correct lines of music. Midis help but they don’t necessarily have all the notes formatted correctly for durations or corresponding instruments.