Fire Emblem: The Western Heroes

What up, so I posted my introduction last night and I am getting the hang of it here somewhat but I feel like I should explain about the title.

Fire Emblem: The Western Heroes

To most people, it could be a reference to like Europe or something like that but actually it’s a reference to a division from a sport called the National Football League or the NFL.

Western is a reference to the NFC West from the NFL which has 4 teams. San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks. And the classes are based on those teams.

Golden Knight is based on the 49ers

Ram Knight is self explanatory, same with the Cardinal Knight

But as for Osprey Knight, it’s a reference to the Seahawks which is another word for Osprey, I believe.

And as for the location for the 4 warriors, it’ll have a map that looks like California but that’s something I’ll have to think about.

And as for the story, it’s about 4 female warriors who are destined to fight a fell dragon or a evil sorcerer. It’s a W.I.P. but I’m gonna think more about it

Anyways I think that’s enough out of me so this is me signing out, peace.