Fire Emblem ~ The Sadist Stones II Beta Final Update Until Bof LP's

Fire Emblem ~ The Sadist Stones II
A fire emblem romhack meant for the YouTuber Emboar Bof.
Update: Final Until Let’s Play is finished. Nevermind, fixed bugs with Eirika, Ephraim, and audio.
Skillsystems by Circleseverywhere!
New Classes!
3 Promotion Branches by area ported by 7743 (For some, not all classes)
Harder Difficulty!
New Items
Added weapons to the regular shops, planning on removing Frelia’s Shops soon.
More Weapons on Current Classes!
Some edited maps!
Bonus Characters such as… THIS → Spoiler
New Self Inserts of certain people from Emboar Bof’s Discord,
and my friend group!

Completeness: Eirika Route Final Boss

Credits & Thanks:
If you’re not here, please tell me at or in Sacred Studios’ #Credits channel. Rodge Von Eisenfaust#6680
Rodge: Dragon Ignis Animation, O’Neill Faceless
Most if not all recoloring and palletes…,
Sokaballa’s Battle Screen,
Seal, Sax Marine (Bonewalker Legion used for the Shitposter Class),
IS, shadowofchaos, Jeorge_Reds For FalcoKnight,
Cybaster, Luerock, SHYUTERz for Executioner Animations,
Wyvern Rider Axe {Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon},
Wyvern Rider Handaxe {Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon}
Master Knight StJack, Mycahel,
Gold Knight, Nuramon
Baron Leo_link, Nuramon, Iscaneus, The_Big_Dededester
Primefusion for the Great Knight Animations
Iscaneus, Nuramon, Flasuban, Jeorge Reds for the fe10 knight
Dark Knight Jj09, Leo_Link, DerTheVaporeon, flashuban,
Tethys Sword Circleseverywhere
Staff Tethys (Unknown) (Please tell me)
Staff Eirika Lisandra_Brave
Staff Great Lord Eirika Sephie
FE10 Soldier Flasuban
FE9 Fighter MK404
Ereshkigal SHYUTERz
Adept, Lethality, Sol Mariode
Aegis Kenpuhu
Pavise, Aether Mikey_Seregon
AlphaSeagull for Various custom animations…
Vengeance. SHYUTERz
Dark Lightning Effect (Sorry, can’t find you. Please DM me)
Oliver MiguelRojo
Skeleton (Emboar Bof) L95
Durr Skeleton ObsidianDaddy
Sakura BatimaTheBat
Hooded Robin (Lenh)
Ferdinand Von Aeigr (MeatOfJustice)
Travant Atey
Dorcessel (Sme)
Del for various assets.
Thank you all for making these assets. Means the world.


I am done now with my first ever actually good hack, thank you all again for helping me out with this. I am very grateful to the Fire Emblem community for their great tutorials and people who have the tenacity to make better hacks than I ever could.
Emboar Bof’s Discord: Emboar bof's Lawn of Madness
Sacred Studios’ Discord:
Fire Emblem ~ The Sadist Stones II
Fire Emblem ~ The Sadist Stones II-1

Patchnotes: Updated bases and skills.
THE MONSTER UPDATE. Adds new skills to monsters. Allows you to promote into a monster.
Gold Knight and Mike Nerfed. Etc…
Fixed promotion items
Fixed massive bug with skills causing the game to crash.


So uh… what type of hack is it?
Story? Screenshots? Is it a reskin?

Reskin, I apologize for no screenshots. This is my first time using the site.

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Nice job! And welcome to FEU!

Thank you!

If Executioner is referring to this, you’re crediting the wrong people.

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Executioner is referring to a custom class using the Ashnard M animations.

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I’m having a ton of fun already, and welcome to FEU!
I was wondering though, where are the Sadist Stones 1?

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Sadist Stones 1 was originally a hack for Emboar Bof, it was bad.
So I replaced it with Sadist Stones II. It’s better now.
Trust me, if you really want to play SS1, I can probably send it via discord.

uh artur cant promote… (it crashes the game)

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Thank you for letting me know.
I have patched this in the latest hotfix.

Ah yes, my favorite character, DurrTheVaporeon.

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Finished, only saw hotfix now so its on older version. I was not expecting the


extra foes

in final fight. Steven as a Baron is MVP.
Anyway, tower cleared x3 and ruins started. Sadly didn’t see any further bonus chars from them :frowning:

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Hi thanks for your hard work! This hack is another keeper.
I think there’s a small error with the first two map shops, they don’t sell axes.
Do blood seals work with promoted units and if they do so, does this change what kind of monster unit you get?
Edit: Is Seagull the only character that can promote into a cyclops?

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Yes DBAV, I have fixed this, I’m about to release an update.
And yes, Seagull is.
EDIT: blood seals don’t work with promoted units.

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