Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - Russian Translation

Smh, I’m not that smart

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Yesterday I fixed some death quotes that didn’t fit in the text boxCapture

Are you looking for this?

What does that do?

This switches the escape sequence notation of the text.

@0003 <-> [A]

Someday, Vladimir Putin will play Fire Emblem in Russian and we will have World Peace.


I’m already used to the @0003 style though, thanks

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So! I adiamit that I am a lazy bastardia. And I can’t handle translating and inserting stuff myself!
I would like someone with some free time to get my ups and insert text strings into the rom as I translate them in a doc in my free time! You don’t have to understand russian, although it would be helpful!
That is all! Reply here in this thread or DM me on discord! Toodles!


Translating the games to other languages is always nice because more people get to enjoy them. I gotta ask tho,how does one insert completely new lettercodes into the roms? I always replace some fonts that are not needed instead.

I believe 7743 made a tutorial about inserting new symbols into a rom, which is how I got the russian alphabet in. If you look, you may find it

Since I’ve made like no progress and had no motivation to continue working on this for what is probably a couple years now, I decided to release what I had already made. If you don’t care for the story and supports, the game should be playable for you.

The gdrive link is in the original post

If you encounter any bugs, it will be helpful if you report them in this thread


Sad. I hope it eventually gets picked up by a third party. The more languages the games are in, the better.

Thank you for sharing your progress so far. It is good work, even if incomplete.

I’m surprised no one has made “Russian princess” jokes yet.

Здравствуйте подскажите вы окончательно забросили работу по данному проекту?? Я очень сильно вдохновился вашей выполненной работой.

Добрый вечер
Спасибо, но к сожалению я давно деморализована по этому проекту и вряд ли вернусь к нему. Кто угодно может скачать мой незаконченный патч и продолжить мною начатое, если есть такое желание.
Альтернативно, я могла бы перевести сценарий игры и позволить более терпеливым (и кодо-грамотным) людям заняться технической частью перевода; но пока никто не проявлял рвения к такой коллаборации.

Есть интерес продолжить твоё прекрасное детище, как можно с тобой связаться?

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Добрый день
Со мной можно связаться в дискорде, @diamondappendix.

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