Fire Emblem: The Reincarnation of Light and Dark - translation patch

Those in the discord might have noticed me occasionally putting up screenshots of me messing around in the infamous Fire Emblem GBC bootleg. Well now I finished the game and translated a decent amount of the menus, so I’m ready to release a patch. And don’t forget to read the manual. wink The patch was tested and application works. I recommend using Lunar IPS, but any IPS patcher will work for patching.

Wondering what the hell I’m on about? Here’s a video of the game in all its Chinese glory. And needless to say, there’s no patch on it. [s]There’s 19 other chapters, so now go play it. [/s]
Let me know if anything blows up. Nothing should… I hope.


oh boy this is going to be amazingly bad

this exact sentence has described every situation that I was involved in, across my entire life

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Before playing this bootleg i thought it would be awful but honestly its not that bad, in fact i had some fun.