Fire Emblem: The Legends of the Plains (Project)

Hello and welcome to my new post, last week I wrote to you to explain that I wanted to create one but I did not explain the content of the hackrom and well this time that’s what I will do, I will explain to you in detail the contents of the hackrom, starting with its history and the methods that I would like to put in place in the hackrom in order to know who could help me in the project.

First of all, my hackrom is presented as a pseudo sequel to Fire Emblem 6 and the hackrom called “Fire Emblem: Sword of Heaven and Earth”.

Also, in this post, I will also talk about the hackrom characters who will be mentioned in this post!

Okay, now end of unnecessary chatter and time for history! :

Thirty years after the defeat of Idunn and Nergal, Elibe’s continen has changed a lot in his later years.

First of all, the regnians of the different kingdoms ceded the throne to their children.

The Duchess of Ostia Lilina took over power from her son Armond, a man who inherited a sense of strategy from his ancestor Ulther but also an incredible sense of magic like his mother.

Regarding the Marquis Roy, he passed the torch to his son Zack, a brilliant strategist magnifying the sword like no one in the Lycian League.

For Etruria, the crown was given to the young prince of the region, his name is Eliot, just like his father the bard Elffin, he knows how to be fair and he has established a form of peace with the eastern islands.

For Ilia, after Zealot’s coronation, Zealot was no longer interested in the throne for a long time, so it is her son, Miln, he has a good sense of politics and he knows how to negotiate cases to be the most offering for his people.

Finally for the region of Sacae, some tribes have disappeared including that of Djutes after the events of Binding Blades, this tribe has not found a new leader and have disappeared from the continent. For the Kutolah tribe, the heiress of the tribe is an archer rider named Miroku, a person with calm surroundings, she does not know very well leaders of life in a camp, she took over fairly recently but she is helping by his younger brother Gaku. Regarding the Bulgar tribe, it is converted as a bandit tribe, at the head of this clan, Wagiu, a bandit who saves more and more land for his clan and threatens to upset the peaceful balance of the continent . Finally concerning the tribe of Lorcas, the heir of Saya, daughter of Lyn, with the name Laercans, the latter follows a training in order to wield the Sol Katti and to be a brilliant swordsman in the plains of Sacae. As a new tribe, we can find those of Mofa, a tribe which is specialized in the magic notably that of the elements of nature to help the neighboring tribes and thus preserve the natural balance of the wild plains of Sacae, their leader is a an old man named Zing, a former member of the Djute tribe, he leads this new group which has agreed to follow him and not pursue the ideology of Wagiu. The second new tribe of Sacae is that of Baoli, a tribe which is related to that of Bulgar, their leader is called Kyu who is an ex pirate who is converted to looting, the sea gave nothing and following a shipwreck it is converted to life on earth. And finally a new tribe, that of the Julong, this tribe is close to the nation of Bern and has tamed the wild wyverns that approach the mountainous territory of its plains, their leader is called Manao, this woman is also ralier to Wagiu, she counts on reigning over all Elibe with or without her allies.

Our story begins by following in the footsteps of Laercans, this swordsman and leader of the Lorca tribe follows a training with Kai a black mage member of the tribe and childhood friend but also with Zen a swordsman of the tribe of Kutolah and his disciple Lian, rival of Laercans. While their training is going well, his last were interrupted by a group of bandits from the Bulgar tribe interrupting the session between the two rivals. This interruption will be the beginning of a long series of periphery.

Dear member, welcome to my hackrom, welcome to “Fire Emblem: The Legends of the Plaines”

Fire Emblem The Legends of the Plains

As I already said in my previous post, I will not be carrying out this project alone, I would like to have people to help me in the realization of the hackrom.

  • I would especially need a person who could carry out the portraits of the characters of the hackrom.
  • I will also need a person to make the maps and write the dialogues, I certainly have FeBuilder and I do not know anything about this software so I will need someone who knows how to master the software more than me.
  • Also, I will need someone who would be able to add custom classes and who would also be able to separate the magic statistic and the strength statistic.
  • I would also be interested in people wishing to do the script with me.

If people want to participate in the project, I send you the link of the hackrom discord in this post.


Thank you for reading me and I hope I can collaborate with many people on the project


So you basically want people to make your game for you


I recommend learning how to use builder first before you try and make a hack


I feel there’s a lot of shared resources that would help. In regards to animation and classes

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This is your hack! It wouldn’t feel right if we did most of the stuff for you. Don’t forget your the creator of this project not us. We can still help out but your the most important part of your hack.

I also had to learn the hard way…

(Thanks @dancer_A )


I recommand trying to make at least one chapter on you own to become familiar with febuilder and after that help someone else and with some luck you’ll find a team or at the very least have enought experiance to start making the hack and assets to interest people.