Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

Okay I’m working on a Fe7 remake for GBA,

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and with Elibian Nights almost (if not already) complete, and me just wanting to re-play FE7 with lots of adjustments, like to portraits, music, script, etc. I think it is a nice project to work on and I would like a few suggestions, BUT before that, I am currently working on the FIRST CHAPTER of the game so only suggestions for the first chapter will be accepted by me, also what do you guys think about porting Fe7 to Echoes or Fates (I already did some nice hacking with Fates) also a playable tactician is already currently implemented. Also if someone could create a skill list for all the playable characters that would be nice. (No Heroes skills, sorry:frowning: )

As long as the tactician stays completely silent as in the original I’m ok with it being there. just 1 unit that the player can fully customise is kind of nice.

With how I have the rough characters Marc (originally named Mark) and Morgan, the male and female characters respectively setup, I doubt I will have them in the game without them speaking, if you want to know why in detail feel free to ask.

Why rename the tactician to markyjoe’s name lol, is this supposed to be a ragefest hack? There’s no reason to change it so just keep it vanilla to be faithful to the game. And I agree that the tactician should be silent, the story isn’t supposed to focus on them, but at least don’t give them many lines or try to put them in a focal point of the story. Also I need to ask why you have not given the game a unique name, as The Blazing Blade is technically the official translation of FE7.

  1. It’s no ragefest hack just a remake of FE7. 2. The name Marc I just used to make the name a bit less typical. 3. As I said before I think I will HAVE to have the tactician speak in game (I think if you saw the characters, and what they bring you wouldn’t mind) , if you want to know why in detail, ASK, as this is a HUGE part of the remake. 4. I plan to remake the game as faithful to the original game as possible, (with you guys input and questions, of course) so the official localized name seems to fit the best for this.

With how many changes, you’re making, you’re definitely not being faithful to the original. And you shouldn’t ever give two anythings the same name because it just makes referring to them confusing. Remember, you’re not replacing anything, you’re just making a fangame, don’t act like it’s the original. Regarding the thing you want us to ask about, why haven’t you explained it yet if it’s so important? So yes please explain.

This will be in detail so if you don’t have the time feel free to stop reading now: Okay the reason why I thought it would be a good idea to have the playable tactican is to: 1. Allow more conversation for Lyn, Florina, Dorcas, Eliwood, Hector, and a LOT of others, to allow the players to see more development in certain characters, as well as see some other sides to other character so the characters are more flushed out, if you know what I mean, and go in-detail in the game about some ambiguous things in the game and in the different characters. 2. To allow everyone to see how the tactician MAY have developed such a good friendship with the lords of the game, instead of the tactician being completely silent for the whole game. 3. To get the players of the game more in involved with the story and maybe possible choices in the game as well. (P.S. Any suggestions for the first chapter? Also, do you guys think should I make a Discord server for this?)

I wouldn’t mind Mark being playable so long as he was just a normal unit who I can choose the name of.