Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Plus WIP (Again) [Looking for helpers!]

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I last posted here. But I decided to pick up a rom hack that was dormant again called Blazing Blade Plus (name is subject to change). I posted something like this before, but since its been like three years so I thought I’d make a remake of the original post. This rom hack in particular is supposed to serve as an expansion to the original. One significant addition to the rom hack is a playable Mark who has their own unique class. Mark themself will be a character who has a backstory that is somewhat central to the main plot; however, the three lords will be the main characters of the story (Mark will serve somewhat of a deuteragonist).

Other features that will be added are things such as typo and bugfixes, new items/weapons, significant improvement to dialogue and story, and character balances that is believed that will help make it much easier to pick up other units such as making it worth the hassle to recruit Karla as well as not using Marcus as a crutch all the time and not making the other two lords stand under Hector’s shadow.

So far, progress has been made to majority of Lyn’s story but we are still working on polishing as well as still getting settled after a long hiatus which we felt was the perfect opportunity to recruit some promising members. We all know that people have more important obligations such as school and work but I assure you we are flexible and want to assure everybody is doing well before working on the hack. Speaking of recruiting, people we really need on the project include: spriters, portrait makers, sprite animators, and story/dialogue writers. More hackers are welcome as well.

If you are interested in partaking in this project, feel free to contact me here or my discord profile which is Plazma#3241 which is where I am more active at. Thank you.

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I advise some screenshots first to let the potential helpers know what will they dive into.

I will explain more once I’ve established personal messaging with potential candidates. As I said before, majority of Lyns mode has been done but could use polishing. Would rather wait until then polishing has been complete. Also this is isn’t my first time posting something like this.

Well a lot of people won’t wanna help until they see what you got done so far so why not just show off what you got here so you’ll hopefully get more people on board. Especially since this is a rebalance which have a tendency to feel samey.

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