Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, but it has DSFE movement

Have you ever wondered what FE6 would look like if Roy had 7 Move? No?
Well too bad, because here it is, baby!


finally he’s actually good

you can’t escape

he’s even worse than before

I have not checked whether or not the campaign is still beatable, just beware of the 10 move Wyvern Lords.

The real question here is

How much move does a wyvern rider have

I’m guessing 8, since that’s what Pegasus Knights had.

What if FE6 had both the avoid formula and movement of DSFE.

FE6: You can’t escape edition

If I can figure out where in the ROM the battle calcs are, I would make DSFE avoid in FE6 an actual thing.


This may help you find a place in fe6