"Fire Emblem Swan Song"

Orginal Resources To Insert/ Questions:

  1. I still need to insert standing and moving sprites from FE7

  2. I need to learn how create the Nomad, Athos, Nergal, Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector classes and insert them into Sacred Stones. Currently I have no Idea how to add more classes.

  3. Where do I add text for the new characters window data?

  4. Can I have more than FF - animations because I am full of animations and would like to add Ice and regular dragons from 6.

  1. Here is a guide on inserting map sprites. If you have too many, this may become an issue.

  2. You’ll need to repoint the class table to free space, in accordance with these instructions. Here are the known areas of free space. Get familiar with repointing and expanding; you’ll use it a lot, but it’s not anywhere nearly as threatening as it sounds.

  3. Feditor. You’ll increase the max index, write your text in a new offset, then write that offset in little endian (covered in the repointing tutorial if you’re not sure what this means) in the correct section of the character structure. If you’re not sure, use an existing character as a reference.

  4. I believe this is relevant to your interests.

General hints: Before doing anything, always always always make backups. You WILL mess up at some point. It’s guaranteed. It’s not a bad thing. Unless, of course, you don’t have a backup. Keep notes of where you put new things and where they originally came from. Don’t worry about running out of free space. And use FEU’s very robust search feature. It’s great.

Also: Gheb? Seriously?


Ok maybe he isn’t a main character…but this is kind of a comedy. I don’t see what’s wrong with Gheb lol. I know he’s not “cool” but its different.

On Step 1 and 2 some of your links don’t work…Thanks though

I think Gheb FE has kind of…tarnished Gheb’s reputation, such as it is. I mean, it’s your hack, you can do whatever you want. Just look at [this][1] to see what NOT to do.

Fixed links in my first post. Sorry about that.
[1]: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56478&page=1

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I know that text talk and those Amelia jokes kinda ruined GhebFE. I’d never make it like that one.

Sweet, maybe now we can have that classy Gheb humor we’ve wanted for so long.

Gheb should be a staunch feminist.


I’m sure Gheb will have a sensitive side, that makes the most sense.

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I’m hoping for a touching romance with Ismaire.

After killing off Carlyle?

Of course. Carlyle is just a fegget in the way. Ismaire needs a real man.

I read the repointing guide and I can’t seem to put
Old Address: 0x807110
New Address: 0xB2A610
in litte endian when using replace in HxD.

It says it cannot find those locations so I’m probably putting it in wrong.

Whenever you have pointers, you gotta add 0x08000000 to them. So a pointer to your old address would be 08807110, which in little endian would be written as 10 71 80 08. Your new address is 0xB2A610, so the pointer would be 0x08B2A610, which is written in the ROM as 10 A6 B2 08. If you wanted a pointer to 1B2A610 in Hxd, then it would be written as 10 A6 B2 09.

Why 0x08000000? Because the ROM data is loaded in the 0800 section in GBA memory. Each section does…stuff. For a brief explanation on each part, refer to section 1.3 of this page. If you want to do anything involving assembly, this may help. Of course, it may just confuse you. You can forward any complaints to Camtech; he’s the one introduced me to it.

EDIT: I don’t know if it’s mentioned in one of places that I’ve already linked you to (it probably is, but it’s worth repeating): Put your pointers beginning at an offset divisible by 4. 8763B4 is good, 8763BD is not.

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I screwed up I think what does this mean? I have the new modules with terrain and map downloaded from this site recently. I hope its not from repointing and expanding classes because the class editor also does this. It better be the text files I changed and not the modules or rom data (have backups though).

It sounds like it is one of the text files that the module needs. Have you messed with any of the text files found in the Class and Character Editors folder?

A little…it could be I added a blank line with the enter key since when I expanded classes I did not fill in all of the slots?

I don’t think its related to my feditor with FFFF indices.

I fixed text file for classes it still messes up

Fixed the text files and it works.