Fire Emblem sacred stones cheat codes

I have spend the entire day searching for cheat codes for this game because of a hack that has characters that are way too weak so I want to use cheats for Stat boosters but no cheat seems to work.
I’m using Pizza Boy GBA. Cheats worked fine in hacks with FE7 but FE8 cheats don’t seem to work at all.
Can anyone help with codes for Stat boosters for FE8 and a mini guide on how to activate them?

I don’t believe cheat codes will work with romhacks, most edit the game in a way that makes cheat codes cease to function due to how they work, if you have access to a computer you can use FEbuilder to edit in the statboosters or use the cheats function of the software.

Dude who uses pizza boy :l

Use john gba lol

Its a FE8 thing? Because the FE hack I played and another one (Crimson Arm and Maiden of light) worked just fine.
A cheat worked, the lvls up one but had an issue where getting healed by Amaterasu makes you level up but with no stat increase.
Thanks for the tip.

Can I transfer the saves and savestates?
If so indeed changing right away.

Depends on what your using

Some hacks work with vanilla cheats some don’t, it all depends on the patches used by the devs, while crimson arm may not have used a specific patch that edited the game in a way to make cheats not functional but many others due, especially the more complex ones with hundreds of patches

What do you mean?

I see.
Guess will have to power through.