Fire emblem : Royal Blood & Mystical Beast


Hi everybody I started a hack and this what I’ve done i sure you this will be great

FE : Royal blood and Mystical Beast(RBMB)

so what is it about


Do you have permission to use those sprites without credit? The community takes this sort of thing very seriously.

If not, we have a wide selection of free-to-use portraits.


Alright, so I see a title, a bunch of mugs, and absolutely nothing else. What’s your concept even about?


where can i donate this project look so promising


A long time ago where human and mythical animals and creatures lived in peace mystical beast become someone’s guardian if he chose the human that deserves him …
there was a queen kind and loving to all people… she was strongest magic wielder ever seen
she had 6 children everyone of them had special powers
the first born:
1)Iliana: a kind girl who had the power talk and understand mystical animals and gain the trust of a flying unicorn and the first one to ride on it’s back at the age of 9 years her mystical beast (guardian) the flying unicorn
2) Matthew: a Brave kid who had the power to control dragons and could to talk to them he was strong enough to control the strongest dragon and get on his back mystical beast (guardian) the dragon
3)Laurier: a wise girl for her age she had gain the blessing of a Phoenix when she was born who bacame her mystical beast
(The girl in the main characters )
4) Reinhard: a boy who learned every way of battle and weapons and every strategy ever was in matter of a week at the age of 7 years at his 7th birthday he tried learn to use a spear
(The guy in the middle in the main characters)
5)Favian: a kid who was the strongest in magic started to use his magic powers at the age of 2 years old he set fire on 2 of his mother helpers
6)Aria: a girl who can to control any tool and build anything out of nothing can use the elements and has telekinetic power
Excuse me I’m busy my uncle died and I’ll take a day off
tomorrow I’ll try put the full story to you guys and thanks


As l said here is the story:
Once upon a time when mystical beasts and humans lived in harmony and peaceful together there was a queen and with her king in a Land far away
the queen was powerful mage she was the strongest magician in the land she taught only few in different ages the old the young the adult the learned that magic is a sword with two edges if used in good, darkness chains will stay strong .
If used in bad the chains will weaken and it will be broken
The queen lived happily with her king and there six children everyone had the gift of magic and had chosen by mystical beast in young age .
The queen didn’t know she had a snake among her students a Woman known for her looks she looked like the queen like she’s her twin (Gabriella)that witch had everything according to her plan to have the throne for her self and to brake the darkness chains and do a rebellion against the queen
In one night her plan was ready she took hostage of the older two children of the queen and her demands were clear she wanted the queen to surrender the king rushed to other children managed to get them to his wife the queen had no choice either to surrender or to die with only her husband and three of her Chancellors“guardwin”the war chancellor and “ George” the magic chancellor and “ Melina” Financial chancellor and also her childhood friend the queen ordered the three chancellors to take her children and run through a secret passageway only the queen knew about it at the refused to leave her side but she insisted she said : it’s the only way I can be sure they are safe Go! Go! And take care of my children .
They escaped from the castle and got to safety but back in the castle Gabriella captured the queen and the king.
she could’ve fought but her daughter and son was hostages and she feared if she do something Gabriella will kill them , Gabriella asked where the others ,the king Responded safe where you can’t find them
She got furious and killed the king and asked again where are they the queen said : Safe … do what you want … kill me do it Gabriella.
Gabriella said : I have other plans for your highness
That’s what I’m going to say I hope you like it
Maybe you have questions what happened to queen is she alive? just wait till you see :slight_smile:


Broken grammar, stolen sprites, ridiculously overpowered characters, a plot with next to no coherence in it, and no actual hack proof to show.

You’ve done very little to actually get people interested in your project, even worse compounded with the huge wall of text and stolen mugs. Now, I can understand if you don’t speak English very well, but even a little bit of effort would go a long way in getting people interested in your work, even with the poor story and godly characters aside.

As Circles has stated, you can get a massive lineup of free to use mugs from Mugging Blitz 1 and Mugging Blitz 2. I may be new here, but sprite theft is not tolerated here at all.

Anyways, I pray you take my advice and use it to improve your project.


Nothing like a bunch of oldschool mary sues and cheesy, poorly-structured writing to get that hype going.
Sounds to me like you should just make a Deviantart account and write out your fanfiction there. You sound less interested in making a romhack than you do in impressing people with your plot outline so that they’ll do it for you.

I’m not going to assume your age but you sound quite young. Perhaps you shouldn’t try to overreach. Romhacking requires a lot of effort, especially if you’re doing it solo. If you really feel passionate about this story for whatever reason and want to bring it to fruition, I’d honestly recommend finding a website such as the above-mentioned Deviantart where you can publish it and show it to the world with no more effort required than writing out a single chapter on a text document.




I’m Arab so that’s explain the bad grammar

Sorry I’ll try to make things right and i was a little bit ignorant

From all of my heart I’m sorry