Fire Emblem: Revolution [Version 2.0] [FE8]

The only Rev that should be played


I have a previous post of this project, but that one was very poorly made. Likewise, the project that is connected to that post was very poorly planned. I still plan to continue with the same idea, but will restarting from square one, hence [Version 2.0].

Here is the old project if anyone would like to take a look at it.
[DEMO] Fire Emblem: Revolution (FE8)

Fire Emblem Revolution takes place in the continent of Pescar.
New World Map fixed

Where Chance, the main hero, after being forced to run from his home, will gather and unite the world to save his country and the world.

This romhack will include a variety of asm patches, including the SkillSystems and my very own WeaponRankEX to add a variety of weapons.

Other patches included

{Will be added as the hack is made}

The cast will include a variety of more than 34 characters, each eventuallyHopefully with custom portraits.

I will also be editing every class to mix things up some, especially with the str/mag split.


{Will be added}

And finally, upon finishing of this hack, I plan on creating a wiki for it with details on chapter data, character data, and any secrets that are included.


projects section requires an actual project to play, this should be under concepts until then

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Fixed. Thanks

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How many chapter does it have??

That is something I have yet to come to. I will update things once I’ve figured it out. I want to be sure before I say something.