Fire Emblem: Path of Rebalance Alpha 0.1.0 Release (for FEE3)

Greetings. I have made a rebalance for Path of Radiance using a tool that I think I am the only person to ever use.

Download: pathofrebalance

Note: for some reason everyone has class weapon ranks, will try and fix next update (UPDATE: FIXED)


  • Comprehensive buffs to weaker characters
  • Titania has been nerfed
  • You can now get all S-rank weapons and their might is significantly higher
  • Magic has higher might

Can you share any more information or some pics/vids for us?

no forum rank so I can’t post images, I’ll add some text describing the contents

Awesome to see that someone is willing to work on FE9. How much can you do with this game do you think? Adding classes seems like a stretch, but it would be amazing.

Can you make it so that Sothe is able to promote? To Assassin to begin with but maybe to rouge if its possible in the future.

Why/how did you nerf Titania? She’s arguably my favorite character so I’m a little biased towards her.

I decreased all of her growths by 10-20%.

Sothe promotion is a “maybe”. I know how it’s disabled, but I’m not sure if any of my tools can change that. New classes are probably possible but quite difficult.

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Sorry that I haven’t updated it yet, I kind of forgot about this. Fixing the bug that’s currently in the hack is a matter of entering in everyone (including bosses)'s weapon ranks manually. I will probably have this fixed and a video made by the FEE3 deadline.

New update! Weapon ranks have been (mostly because a few characters decided to break) fixed!

I still can’t add links and the moderators of the FEU discord want me to get forum rank legitimately so DM me on Discord at TheColorRed#3691 to get the link. I can finally add links! Now you can actually play this hack!


I can link stuff now!


That is great!

Do you think you can do a sheet with the exact changes? Like what characters growth is, what MT the tomes has and such.

I’d have to make it, but once I do I’ll link it here.

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