Fire emblem new japanesse hacks found

Hello friends
I have been looking for fire emblem thracia and fire emblem 4 for ages finally i have found couple of japanesse hack that no body ever tried …
Why because the noob uploader made a password for us to download anyway i have found out what the password is and found many thracia and fe4 and maybe fe8 too

Here you can find them


Here some pics

I believe most of these are already known to us but thank you for your thoughtfulness :heart::heart::heart:


Maybe some u know about them but trust me i know almose every patches for fe4 and fe5 am already starting one called (generation of holly war R2)

This is new to me but sorry for asking this, what’s the password for it? Thank you for sharing this out, I like knowing that people make hacks and making me wanting to try them out.

Hey budy … its just luck how i found the passwords hehe
No idea why puting a patches with no password
Anyway here is the pass : 123456
I suggest u start with thracia patsh (holy war R2) plenty of changes and plenty of new items
Note : its very very hard specialy chapter 2x
Enjoy body

(generation of the holy war R2)

I’ve been looking around for that one to no avail. Thank you.

Enjoy it buddy :slight_smile:

I must be missing something obvious, because I’m not seeing any patches for Thracia in that list.

Well its hard to show all in one pictures they’re are many on the zip

I downloaded the zip, I meant to say that I’m just not sure which one of the folders in the zip file has the FE5 patch you guys are talking about.

There is few zips in the links one of them has the thracia hacks list

Okay, I found the list. Thanks for the help!