Fire Emblem: MoD Portrait Artist

The lineart/drawing itself is good, yeah, but that is a lot of banding.

I tinkered with Nino a bit to try and fix the face:

I made the lightest color of her yellow shirt white so she could have white in her eyes (common among FE6 portraits, and her eyes are big enough for lack of white to be noticeable), so whether you want to keep that or revert it back is your call. Also tried to give her some lady-lips to make her look more mature, but not sure how effective that ends up being.
The nose should be shaded less as you go up the bridge and more as you get down to the bottom. Here’s a diagram-thing that I thought might be useful:

Light maroon: the near side of the face, which usually includes the part of the nose that sticks out.
Dark maroon: on the far side of the face, but still shaded lightly because of the way the light hits it. It travels in a kind of arc from the top of the bridge of the nose to the side of the head.
Purple: The far side of the face that is shaded darker because of the shadow cast by the nose.



Oooh, you also widened her mouth a tad too. Looks far better now. Something about the eyes looks different too.

The funny thing is I didn’t touch her eyes and they look different to me for some reason as well lol

I also just noticed that Nino’s eyes have somehow changed from blue to green over the years… Make the brightest color of her hair slightly more cyan and put some of the purplish colors from her cloak in her eyes?


Mary complete

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Looks great :0

The place feels dead here. I’m still willing to wait as long as it takes but i’m just unsure if this is still alive. The last person that posted here was from 2 years ago so, sorry for being a little skeptical. If you are still here.

that’s because anything new happens in a different thread:

I would also clarify that while we still ‘need’ a portrait artist. The workload is far different from what the thread was asking for. I would also qualify that I have absurdly high quality standards when it comes to portraits, to the point where many would see me as unreasonably scrutinizing work.

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It’s still in progress

Try to refrain from bumping topics like this in the future.
@Onmi do you want this closed?