Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness. Check the OP for updates I do them everytime I achieve now

I’d like to see more details about Rutger’s village, as in his support with Dieck it’s told that it was destroyed by Zephiel’s army and I’d like to see more about that to add more character to Rutger and his backstory

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Rutger’s not from a village, he’s from Bulgar, the city that is the location of the Kel map.


While I’m writing the second part of the update I want to give thanks to Epicer on Youtube and whomever they’re called here for noticing that the level up screen was wrong, You actually helped reveal we had a lot of bugs in the Str/Mag system that had cropped up and hadn’t been noticed yet.


I may have a few suggestions in mind:

  1. Talk about Rutger’s involvement in the Sacae Arc if there is any. And with interactions with certain characters such as the Kutolah duo, Dieck, Fir, and Clarine.
  2. Although you said this will be heavily Fe6 focused, is there going to be any points of the story where some events of FE7 might get brought up which may play a part in the story of MoD itself?
  3. And is there going to be an original story arc exclusive to MoD? Or will everything follow the original FE6 storyline. And if not, then go through either Ilia or Sacae. Like what’s expanded, if there are more chapters added, and what characters will have more interactions and focus.

That’s all for now.

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Ohhh, yeah that lol, it’s been a while since I’ve played FE6 lol sorry :sob::sob:

For this title, I thought that this would be a fangame based on the cancelled FE64 which titles also like this: Ankoku no Miko (Maiden of Darkness).


You would not be the first as I thought the same thing lol.

Hi friend… one question this is a remake? Or is a alternative story?

In the original post it’s described as a remake/fanfiction. Most of the game will be familiar but it’s truly an overhaul of the game.

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