Fire Emblem: Lost Soul (Beta)

Hello. I’m Noltra and I have been working on a ROM Hack for six months. This ROM is an FE8 hack and it has 50 playable characters, 100+ playable classes, 50+ unique weapons, and 20 chapters. The main story is complete and the gameplay is also complete. I plan on updating the game at a future time to include minor changes like supports, character description, and class description and all that but I just want to share the ROM now. I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know how you feel about it and what I could add to it. Here’s a trailer of the ROM:

Here is where you can download the game and check the resources that I took from the FE Repo:

Credits to the FEU discord that helped me along the way
Especially to 7743, Shuusuke, Vesly, epicer, and UltraxBlade
Credits to my friend Brandon for his wacky ideas on the personalized weapons.
Credits to everyone I took resources from the FE Repo (It would take a lot to name everyone so I placed links to where I got these resources from in the folder).
Credits to my friends and people close to me that helped push me into finishing this project.

Some things to consider:
If you are on chapter 8, I recommend having an extra save file as if you are able to proceed to chapter 8x, it will be pretty hard to beat. If you don’t want to go through this, you need to kill Justin (the sage one).

Ver. 2 updates

  • Changed some of the chapter music for the chapters
  • Added titles to each character descriptions
  • Added Quality of Life patches
  • Adjusted Nathan’s Luck
  • Adjusted the Sari
  • Changed a few units in a few chapters
  • Added class descriptions for the classes
  • Added Casual Mode
  • Added individual stats for the classes

Can you share some screenshot?

I’m assuming this is an FE8 hack, but you might want to include that info in the description. Either way, good job, I’m looking forward to trying this.

EDIT: Tried patching it, and this is an FE 8 hack.

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Hey! I can’t seem to post screenshots atm yet because I assume my account is too young but I will definitely post them when I get the chance too.

Hey! Thanks for reminding me about it! I changed the post to remind everyone. I hope you enjoy the hack!

Here’s your first screenshot:

Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones # GBA

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I admit, I have only completed three chapters so far, but I figured I’d drop some feedback here and now before I forget, since there are a few thing that stuck out to me even this early on.

  • Portraits are clearly created in Character Creator and don’t have mouth or eye frames. I definitely respect the desire for characters to look unique from other hacks, but the colors, lack of frames and mismatched angles between things like the face, hair and bodies makes them a bit distracting. Using portraits from the Repo instead could help for the time being, even if they aren’t as unique.
  • The variant of the Swordmaster map sprite used by Nick seems to be from The Last Promise, and I don’t believe that the stuff in that game is free to use unless it’s also in the repo, such as the halberdiers (and I could not find this map sprite in the repo anywhere). I’d recommend getting that replaced ASAP, some hacks will get taken down for that sort of thing until the asset is replaced.
  • Maps are very rough in terms of aesthetics. In some spots there’s no real transition from road to grass, road tiles also seem to be chosen at random leading to very messing looking roads (the roads with green edges are meant to go next to green Plain tiles), and the third chapter I played had unfinished mountains with a peak tile haphazardly placed near the large patch of forests in the middle.
  • The bosses do not have mouths in their menu portraits. This tells me that you forgot to give the bosses any sort of frames - even giving them placeholder frames, especially on the far-right most mouth frame, prevents this from happening.
  • The tone’s inconsistent, with dialogue being largely neutral-to-serious while various other elements, such as the few character descriptions that are there, a few PRF weapons, and some classes are extremely memey, to the point of an Among Us crewmate being a boss being played completely straight.

That all being said, I like the funny PRF weapons, and I think with polish it can be a perfectly fun hack. Still, it feels largely like a beta (which, to be fair, it’s basically labeled as such), and it’ll need that polish to reach that level.


I’m just going to inform you that you can’t have a link to the download of a original fe8 Rom in you download guide. I would recommend removing it as fast as possible


Alright, I’ll keep everything in mind. Thank you!

Oh I didn’t know about that, I’ll remove it right now.

I’ve played some an am overall enjoying. Some critiques though:

  • You have a lot of quality of life patches but not the “show heal amount” one, wondering if intentional.
  • Infinite reinforcements. Would be nice if it at least was warned about but not a fan in general.
  • I can’t see 8X being beatable without savescumming. Even then it would also need a good amount of preparation and/or good level-ups. Makes me wonder if something is broken. Or maybe I’m just missing something?
  • Personal weapons could use some further descriptions if possible. For example took me a while to notice Justin’s weapon is brave and that Knapp’s has devil effect.
  • Class descriptions, and many character descriptions are carry over from vanilla and incorrect

Hey, I am glad you are enjoying the ROM! I didn’t know about the show heal amount patch until you told me so I’m planning on adding it later. For chapter 8x, I realized that it is pretty much impossible at the protagonist’s current level so I plan on changing up the chapter in another update. I am in the process of updating all the descriptions for everything.

I streamed this the other day in my server (not going to post any critique about that right now), but this is largely a pointless claim. You used multiple different variations of the same class (like using two different fighter or mage sprites and saying they’re different classes when they have the exact same bases and weapon levels).

Playing some more (savescummed hard for 8x, but lack of luck means foes can crit hard, and flat out one could kill me from full hp without a crit. Had to roll for one of two 96% misses.)

  • Main dude has – for luck stat
  • Also missing “monster weapon stats” patch
  • Boss on chapter 8 has silver bow and longbow but lacks rank to use silver bow.
  • Selena (unit joining after chapter 9) has the skill Steal twice until promotion, where one changes.

Hey, I didn’t mean to claim the classes as unique to each other but I get what you mean and I am sorry if I misinformed you. I wanted to have each character have their own class that is unobtainable through other characters and I guess my wording does sound like I have 100+ individually unique classes. I was planning on giving each individual class stats of their own but I seem to forgot about it and I am working on it atm. I will have an update to the patch where the classes will have their own individual stats. Again I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

I may have come off harsher than intended, I was basically saying that despite the claim this seems wholely inaccurate. No need to apologize, just something you should probably clarify (or even consider changing given the differences are cosmetic at best).

Will say I’m having a lot of fun even if there’s some rough parts to this!

Played some more, further issues I noticed:

  • c12 Rouge with member card has lockpick they can’t use, and both the skill locktouch, and the skill steal twice.
  • Warrior class (or at least Ronald) shows Wight sprite when opening character menu thingy to look at inventory/skills.
  • Alex’s summon doesn’t work before or after promotion.
  • c12 has several foes who won’t move but don’t have displayed — move, unsure if intended
  • c13 has foe with bolting tome but not the rank to use it.
  • c13 has foe with Fenrir tome but no rank to use it
  • c14 has at least one foe that doesn’t move but isn’t — displayed moved
  • c14 I noticed the rouge class doesn’t have the typical “100% treasure find chance”. That is, T1 class of Selena.
  • Jessica gains the summon menu command on promotion but like Alex it doesn’t work. Unlike him it doesn’t even show up in her skill menu though.
  • Winson (Bard) has both Dance and Play menu actions. Both work though as refresh.
  • c15 one of the player spawn positions is inside a wall, away from rest of team.
  • c15 Tarvos with door key doesn’t have it set at loot. Allowing player to potentially softlock if all mountain-passing, lockpicking/stealing and siege tomes are out of use.
  • c15 said gate can’t even be opened. Neither door key, or pick skill work. For that matter the Steal skill on Leon doesn’t appear to work either but at least his summon does, although has it twice.

Worth noting, summons from other classes do seem to work perfectly fine.

Finished the romhack, final issues I noticed:

  • legionnaire and Savior both (Anael) stops gaining xp at lvl 10 instead of 20
  • a succubus on C16 has no weapons
  • Nathan turned into a level 10 bandit in c16
  • icicle queen tome (Jessica’s personal) won’t double in battle even when showing x2 in preview.
  • c17 objective says survive but won’t end until one turn after killing last foe
  • c18 had chapter count vanish from save/status menu, came back for c19
  • c18 limited unit count feel artificially hard, c19 at least has limited foes too.
  • c19 immobile foes are very easy to cheese with range 3+ attacks
  • Lucifers in c19 and c20 have laughably low stats. Playing on normal for context
  • c20 and “c21” bosses feel a bit much with max stats, although c20 being immobile range 1-2 again has cheese option.

Hey, Thanks for telling me all these issues. I am currently working on an update for the romhack and I will try to resolve all these issues by the next update. I want to thank you for taking your time to test the rom.


Okay that was scary. Why he have to remove it and why fast as he can? :open_mouth: