Fire Emblem Justice & Pride: Birth of Chaos (Cancelled)

The story of Aderyn and her journey is well known to many. But what of the darkness she
quashed? Such shadow was born centuries before, in a time where such abominations were thought to live only in the depths of nightmares.
J&P: Birth of Chaos is a distant prequel to the original Justice and Pride, starring a young Caelia and her allies as they are plunged into a new, unfamiliar conflict which will throw both nations into turmoil.

Note: Some screenshots may be outdated, especially as the project progresses further.

About The Hack

Development started in September 2020, shortly after J&P Gaiden’s completion. I decided on a prequel to further expand on J&P’s lore when thinking about what direction to take the world.


Two nations exist within this time period, the western nation of Abrein, and its eastern neighbor, Wolford. In the small village of Deerwood, located in Wolford, Caelia joins her allies, including the hunter Herne, in protection of the village from bandits. But the force controlling these bandits would prove to be the center of a newer, more brutal conflict…


After using unorthodox styles for J&P Book 2 and J&P Gaiden, Birth of Chaos returns to a more traditional structure, albeit with unique traits to help it stand out from the also-traditional J&P 1.
Features include:

  • Universal Shove

  • 1RN hitrates

  • Traditional escape

  • Secrets and gaidens

  • New classes, such as Sergeant or Scout.

  • Several units w/ Prf weapons, each with new effects.

  • And more for you to discover!


Soon-ish. The hack is kind of on a hiatus due to involvement in other projects but once I finish with those, development will resume. But this project is very much alive, so don’t worry! Credits will be included with the patch.

Special thanks to the J&P Discord and Team Distant Roads for being epic gamers! Their influence will surely show in this lol.


I’m here to kill chaos


Justice & Pride: Caelia’s Origins

FEE3 2021 video, so you can see le hack in action!


Recently played J&P, so I was very intrigued by what was behind this Birth of Chaos sequel ! Will be interesting to see how Caelia ended up like she was in the first J&P, I also looks forward to the gameplay gimmick of the hack like those new Prf weapons !

Ok, fine, im going to play this hack.
Willing to see it complete soon!

Cant wait beat original nearly twice.alert news pls

I was just looking for something to play, how come I only saw this now? nvm
I’ll give this a shot. After enjoying J&P, J&P: Clash in Estria, why wouldn’t I

Waiting for this!
Original J&P was my first hack, and stomping J&P Gaiden into the ground with the power of buyable status staves halfway through the game was definitely fun.

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I know this hack’s had a lot of radio silence, but I wanted to reassure you that this hack is still very much alive, I just haven’t spent as much time hacking as I have with the other J&P games.


keep the spirit brother, I will wait patiently

I’m sure it will be great no matter the wait, and it make me remember that I still have to play J&P Gaiden to the end ! :smile:

Hey guys.

After some deliberation, I decided to cancel the hack.

There are several reasons I made this choice. One is the fact that I have had zero motivation to work on this and haven’t made any real progress in months, another is that I wanted to get on with the remaster of Book 2. There’s more but I’m not gonna get into it RN.

sorry if I disappointed you all


Its A-OK. Two hacks at once is a lot, and putting all your focus on one will definitely improve the quality!