Fire Emblem: Journeys, FE8U Hack (14 of 16 Chapters Complete)


Nuramon for male Villager, Ephraim infantry
Alusq and Maiser6 for male armored mercenary
Iscaneus and Leo_link for male awakening-style myrmidon
DertheVaporeon for DS Pirate
Spud for Champion
SALVAGED for their cavalier and paladin
FE7if for Blade Lord and Ephraim-Style Ash
Eldritch Abomination and Shin19 for male generic necromancer
ZoramineFae for Kitsune Doog
Alusq for male deserter
Circle for SkillSystems, HPBars_with_warnings, HPBars_with_warnings Cache, HPBars_simple
7743 for FEBuilder, Display Escape Menu, Simple Setting of Sacred Weapons 2, Fix CG Fade Glitch, Change to have multiple units that can be seize, Remove Enemy Control Glitch
aera for Add Event: Character Retreat
Tequila for Unlock various restrictions of 5x, FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off, Attack and capture enemies with reduced speed like FE5(Tequila Version), Rogue Robbery, fix_lz77decompress, Weapon Lock Ex Installer
circleseverywhere for Map Danger Zone (Select: Toggle) and Convert Chapter Titles to Text
Agro/Brendor for 16_tracks_12_sounds
MrGreen3339 for their Jake portrait
Flasuban for their Aridon and Carrie portraits
Smokeguy77 for their portrait
Stan for ExModularSave and Skip World Map Fix 20190505 and UnitActionRework
Hextator for 01command_hack, 48command_hack, Anti-Huffman
ipatix for Improved Sound Mixer
Nintenlord for Remove Easy Mode
Snakey1 for Stairs
FireEmblemier for their portraits
anon95016704 for their fe7 style splice
DertheVaporeon for their fe8 colors ogier
Ganondorf for Lugh x Raigh portrait
HonokaSuzimiya for their portraits(rex and drew)
P33RL355 for their portrait(james)
AmBrosiac for their Ervin portrait
YangKai for their tactician portrait
Zarg for their portraits(Don and Adrian)
RandomWizard’s portrait(Seth)
Laurent for their portraits
DerTheVaporeon and Nuramon for General with Shield
Zmr for General portrait(Reginald)
WAve for their thief portrait(Quincy)
CapibaraInSpace for their portrait
GabrielKnight for their f!Fencer animation

This hack is intended to be played without resetting for lost units. It’s based around every unit having 0mt basic iron weapons and no weapons with mt being buyable. You’ll have to manage your resources extra carefully and decide where your powerful weapons will be useful and when you can get away with maybe eating a counter while using iron weapons. Please don’t be scared of not resetting for lost units, as the game’s been designed around it and you’ll get plenty of tools to complete the game with! Resetting is always an option, but the intended mode of play is to play ironman-style.
Some features include:

  • No buyable weapons, they’ll all be gotten through chests/drops/villages
  • 0mt basic weapons, like SoV
  • an emphasis on Player Phase and resource management
  • A 16 chapter campaign with 2 arcs (14 chapters of gameplay at the moment, 3 of story)
  • 30 playable characters in the final game, as of now there are 29 in

Download link
The general idea of the first arc of the story is that two soldiers in training, Rosea and Vincent, have escaped from a mysterious attack on their home. Their main goal for the first arc is to gather help in order to take it back, traveling to a port city well known for their mercenaries and many other locations to gather forces to bring justice to their oppressors.
Important notes:
A lot of the text aside weapon descriptions is placeholder text. If you have an issue with some weird character descriptions and telegraphing, it’ll most likely be fixed.
Music is unchanged from vanilla, as it’s low on my list of priorities at the moment.
Not all portraits are in, as I can’t find suitable ones for some at the moment.
in chapter 6, rosea can only recruit adrian if james is dead, very important to note until dialogue is added


Congrats on the release! Think you’re on the right track with a gameplay first approach.

I’d recommend that for your escape points, you use the flashing withdrawal point marker to show where the player needs to go. Alternatively, just use an out of place tile to signify where they may be heading.

Are there any features or gameplay philosophies that you’re following that would give a player some expectation of what to expect? I think this can help with interest.

I’d also recommend showing a few gameplay screenshots so people can see the maps.

EDIT: beat me to the punch on the last point!


Thanks for the advice! I’ll try to implement the fix for the escape points asap.

As for gameplay features, I’ve not got much that’s super unique aside the fact that it’s based more around resource management with lower use weapons, basic 0mt iron weapons, and no buyable weapons.


That’s cool stuff, def the sort of thing that id recommend for a first post to help players know what they’re getting into :slight_smile:


Chapter 11 has now been added! There have also been a lot of bugfixes and small rebalances/changes over the last 4 days, so it should be a lot more bug-free and better to play now! From now, the next big update should be chapter 12 and some dialogue/story in the first few chapters, with the final length being 16 chapters.

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Alright I said the next big update would be when chapter 12 and dialogue was added, but I’ve done a lot of major rebalancing and bugfixes that should make the game a lot more playable today, if you got stuck on something it should be fixed now. If there’s anymore bugs found, please post here or message me about them! Chapter 12 is halfway complete, and I’m starting on the dialogue, so that should be coming soon too.

Chapter 12 and 13 are in with rough maps! Chapter 12 may be a bit of an eyesore since I’m not great with mountains, but they’re both completely functional, and dialogue insertion is happening too, though it’s going a bit slower than I’d hoped. By next Monday, the first 2-4 chapters should be complete with dialogue, though, so look out for that.

hack bad

edit: for clarification as to why this was posted apropos of nothing:


Another new update today! Includes things such as buffing player units, dialogue being rewritten, new stealables on enemies, new weapons, new portraits, one playable unit having a finalized palette, and chapter 14! Dialogue insertion is complete up till chapter 3 beginning, and I’m planning on having a few more chapters done by the end of the week. I’m currently looking for help with character palettes/portraits so if you’re interested you can message me. Otherwise, I’ll be working on dialogue mostly, so chapter 15 will probably come later than the other chapters.



Another small update, I’ve completed a bunch of story stuff till ch7 beginning. It’s very barebones as it’s not supposed to be the focus, but hopefully the whole thing seems more polished because of it. I’ve also done a tiny bit of rebalancing in earlier chapters, due to my concern that buffed player units might trivialise the game. I’m also working on supports, but don’t expect too many of these or them to arrive very soon, since I’ve still got to finish the rest of the hack before them. But for those who are curious, there are about 18 chains planned across the entire cast. I’ll also probably be nerfing support bonuses due to the massive stat deflation going on. In addition, I’m still looking for feedback on the difficulty, map design, unit balance, etc, so feel free to leave feedback on that if you have any!

No pics this time since I dont have much to show.


I completed my first stream of this hack; so far I’m up to chapter 5.

There’s lots to like, and lots that needs work, but ultimately I’m having a good time. As far as the goals that the hack is setting out to accomplish, I think that the weapon system, while not perfect, has merit, and there are the beginnings of a player phase focused game here.


New patch today! I kinda got bored of dialogue, so a preliminary version of ch15 is in. I’ve made a bunch of other miscellaneous smaller changes, and an overhaul for chapter 4 is on its way. I’ve got the basic story complete till chapter 9 beginning. Next update should hopefully be that chapters 1-4 and 12-15 get polish, with basic story up till chapter 12 done.


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Just a quick bugfix, there was a softlock bug on ch9 that has been fixed. Thought it warranted a post since it’s a pretty big bug.