Fire Emblem Illuminated Convoy Expansion Help

Hey everyone, I have a request today for anyone who might have the time to help me.

I’ve been looking to have the convoy expansion in my hack go to 200, but I’m having a couple of problems implementing it. Here is what I’m looking at and why I’m struggling.

  1. I have a section of my hack where all items get sent to the convoy from every playable character and the convoy becomes disabled. I’m happy with how this section plays, but with a limit of 100 items in the convoy (and 14 playable characters at that point in the game), the max of 100 can be reached quite easily.

  2. I use FeBuilder for nearly all of my hacking and while I know a bit with Event Assembler and ASM, it’s obviously not near enough to be solving my problems at the moment. I’ve downloaded and looked through @Snakey1 and @Tequila’s event files and ASM for the convoy expanision and no matter which way I try things, I can’t get things to work. The biggest issue that I am running into is that I can get the convoy to expand and save 200 items, but any time I get to this point, the MAG stat of any unit (my hack has the STR/MAG split) becomes 0 upon loading or reloading a chapter for every unit on the map. And this is permanent once it’s loaded.

  3. My issues are compounded by the fact that I use a heavily modified CustomBuild through FeBuilder that dates back almost a year and a half (4/25/20 to be exact). It would be easy to update the CustomBuild to a new version and implement the convoy expansion, but this would undo a HUGE amount of hours to the hack’s systems, skills, and other things (as well as overwrite several things that I really should have documented and have likely forgotten about).

I would take any and all help on this. I’ve tried it myself 2 or 3 times but the MAG stat dropping to 0 is making any attempt unusable. I’ll also leave a ups file for my hack if it helps.

Link: Dropbox - Illuminated Patch for - Simplify your life

Thanks so much.

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Did you make inline changes to rom skillsys stuff post-custom build? Are you willing to try a custom build?

Ems saves mag stat on suspend / resume. I guess if you are installing ems by itself, it has no way to tell where certain mag stat data is and gets 0…?

Have you tried replacing POIN LabelName with POIN SpecificAddress ?
You also need to define USE_STRMAG_SPLIT & STAIRS_ASM to have them install.

If you’re still stuck, please upload what you are trying to install and your current custombuild to github so we can help more.

Yeah, you nailed it. There have been so many changes to skillsystems post-custom build, as well as a fair number of changes to things like silence AI, thief AI, a few getters, etc. that I did a poor job on documenting as I changed it. That’s certainly my fault for not doing so and I’m paying for it now, but it’s why I’m trying to avoid doing a whole other CustomBuild. The last one I used is just too dated.

Installing EMS (or I guess reinstalling EMS) with the Convoy Expansion is all I’m really trying to do. I’ve been using the patch that 7743 made for FeBuilder as a reference (ExModularSave with Supply 200) because I think he packaged everything from Tequila and Snakey1 into that patch. However, my own EMS is just old enough to not include the convoy expansion with the CustomBuild I have, so my only route there through FeBuilder is to uninstall my current EMS, then reinstall the EMS with 200 Supply patch. That’s how I end up
with functioning 200 item convoys and missing MAG stats.

I’m looking through the actual event files in 7743’s Supply 200 patch, but I’m having a bit of trouble sorting through everything to know where to look. I just don’t know where the magic data is being pointed to right now (nor do I know how to find it) before I patch in the convoy expansion, and I don’t know where it is pointing after patching the convoy expansion in. You say POIN LabelName with POIN SpecificAddress… I’m a bit confused. Could you clarify that? I feel a tad out of my depth and I’m still trying to learn :sweat_smile:.

Thanks for your reply Vesly!

Having a quick look, I don’t see any POINs to external functions, which makes it easier on you.

I think you need to #define USE_STRMAG_SPLIT & STAIRS_ASM at the top of your installer. Have you tried this yet?

Vesly helped me solve this through Discord. He is an unbelievable resource in the community and I can’t thank him enough for his help.

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