Fire emblem heroes

Who thinks about the animations of the heroes and main villains of the hero FE?

in my opinion I think those characters could be more than being on a phone, I mean, I’d like to see th animation as GBA style FE 678 or other nintendo deliveries because looking great

literally just ephraim with long hair but good enough right


I made Brave Hector last year. xD
He doesn’t wield Maltet in my version though.

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if it’s really good, that gives me hope: DD

And is really good, I admire that work, and you im have so many ideas.
for example the warrior class
or lyn nomad troop version
and things like that haha

but going back to the topic, you’re really good with jobs so you could easily recreate a version of heroes for gba
I still do not reach that level haha ​​I hope I can get there building for the community

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Well thanks!
You can do it as well. It just takes practice and dedication. and time apparently

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Honesty one of these days if i can get to making sprites i kinda want to do a GBA Fjorm portrait or even her own animation.

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