Fire Emblem- Genius Hour Project

Hello FE hackers! I am still new here, so I probably will end up doing some stupid things, but nevertheless, I have a hack for those of you to play around with and view.
To start off, this hack was created for a project called the “Genius Hour” project, which originated in Google. Look it up for more specific details, but my point here is that the hack I am sharing today is just an auto-run sort of hack, meaning that no player input will be required, save for on the save screen(get it? Ha Ha ha… okay…) and tactician creating. Anyway, feel free to dig around the coding and whatnot if you wish. Give me some feedback even, heck, just have fun with it. Anyway, here it is:

Basically, the hack is just a few chapters (5, I think?), and is about some of the events of the Syrian Civil War. Make of it what you will. I had a partner who also helped me with this.


so, uh… are you giving us the hack or just a screenshot of the title?

Ha ha… whoops.
Is there a way to upload the file? I only found the option to upload images…

upload it to a file hosting site or dropbox

So if you can’t play it, what’s the point? Unless I’m mistaken

So like Fire Emblem: The Movie?

Fixed the post. Had to learn how to share the file first.

It’s not a bad concept at all. It isn’t a game, but a movie, yeah. Interesting.


It’s certainly a unique take on talking about the Syrian Civil War

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Kurds ftw

This happened again. Do you still have the patch?

I think they forgot to port the most recent version of this topic. Yeah, I think I still have the link though.

No, they couldn’t port the latest, so they had to restore a backup.

Ah, I see. Well, I added the link again.

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