Fire Emblem: Generations

Arch (Elibean Nights) and Ghaststation (Bloodlines) combine to create a new ROM hack.

More news to come at FEE3~



I love CG abuse

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we do too


I assume the main characters are Shadow Dragon Marth and Pantless Marth otherwise its not a good parody.

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Transform and combine.

Arch doesn’t know I did this gg’s m8


Whoa, Lyn’s tent turned into a house when she went back in :0


Lyn, I told you to keep your house from shapeshifting, sheesh

Also, Selfie starts with a Levin Sword, dats op

its all part of the shenanigans

nah, that was a hiccup! :octopus:

yep, Selfie is a self-insert and a gary stu.

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So Selfie is just a placeholder for a customisable MU mug, right?

how hard could it be

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I can make Lyn and Selfie get married right, oh and do they have children


But first, let me take selfie… on an adventure, Charlie!

Teenage girls these days are so self obsessed.

not even lyn can resist the urge

“This was the exact sword My Unit had equipped…”

who’s that? Do you mean the Avatar (or Maiyunitto in Japanese)?
/giving Ghast a hard time

poor thing lost his eyebrows during the transition from real life to FE-world

do u want a remixed version of Lyn’s theme or will you be replacing it with something else?

Well, the game opens up with Awakening DLC, so I’d assume it’s Awakening’s My Unit

Awakening only has the Avatar/Maiyunitto. No clue what this elusive My Unit everyone’s talking about is: the games never mention it. Must be a fan character.

Whoa, a person who insists on using romaji.

If you are not joking (lol), “My Unit” is a common term used to call the player character originating in FE12, Serenesforest along with most peeps that were around then called it a “My Unit” as the localized “Avatar” term did not exist at that time.

If it matters, the URL and image files of the JP FE12 site calls it a my unit as well. (FE14 URL stuff calls it “Player” though)

Yeah, the joke is that it’s never called “My Unit” in an actual game. Either I should’ve stayed shushed or you guys forgot to bring your joke-scopes to class this evening.

well ill just make up my own tern for it

how about, “mah bruhbruh selfie”