Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War - Arvis’ Final Speech

Arvis: “Sigurd’s spawn and his army have shown up and is here for revenge. Everything I have built up and becoming Emperor of Grannvale is coming to an end. Manfroy and his cult has taken my only daughter and my son became the devil that should’ve been averted. Now everything up to this moment has been a disaster after disaster. We will fight till our last breath. Let us fight.”
Soldier: “Are you sure there’s nothing we can do?”
Arvis: “Let us fight.”
Soldier: “Maybe form a truce with our enemy?”
Arvis: “Let us fight.”
Soldier: “Maybe surrender to the enemy and tell them that the Loptyr Cultists made us do it and we were just following orders?”
Arvis: “Let us fight!”
Soldier: “You just don’t want to fix your problems you made in the first place.”
Arvis: “Let us fight.” :frowning:

If you understood this reference, congrats, you won yourself a cookie.

P.S. Just want to post this for fun.