Fire Emblem Gaiden: Route Swap

Tired of playing Fire Emblem Gaiden? Of course you’re not! But if you’d like a change of pace then this might be the hack for you.



The characters were swapped. That’s it. But if you want more info, here’s a nice spreadsheet!
Swapped Characters, Base Stats, Items, and Spell Lists are all shown.
Link to Spreadsheet


Portraits during story dialogue are unchanged, as well as the name of the character when they are recruited. However, the status screen displays the right name and portrait, so don’t worry.

Alm and Celica have the correct overworld sprites in dungeons and towns, but the wrong sprites on the world map itself.

Speaking of those two, Celica promotes into Princess when Alm talks to Irma in Greith’s Citadel. However, he is the one whose stats change. The same is true for Alm’s promotion after talking to Halcyon in the Sage’s Hamlet. He promotes into Hero, but Celica gets the stat changes. This gives her ridiculous stats that she otherwise wouldn’t gain while Alm is stuck with 36 HP and a dream.

Mae and Luthier start as villagers, making them lose out on Thunder and Excalibur respectively if you choose to make them mages. As compensation, Tobin and Atlas start with their counterparts’ spells instead.

Since Mae has the ability to promote into a Male Mage, Tobin starts as a Female Mage to compensate.

Download Link
Apply to a clean Japanese ROM. You can apply any translation afterwards, though only the Artemis translation has been fully tested.

If there are any problems let me know. The game is 100% complete, but I’ll be sure to fix anything game-breaking that slipped past my single test run.


Gaiden hacking real :pray:


“Mae and Luthier start as villagers, making them lose out on Thunder and Excalibur respectively”

Boey’s poppin’ off rn


I’d play it if I had the patience to play Gaiden after already doing it once :laughing:

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