Fire Emblem Fan Project Directory

Order: Base Game, Status: Hack, Chapter Length, sub-status (incase its on Hiatus or i’m unsure if they’re dead)

•Only fan-projects with patches/playable content are going to be posted here

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Finished hacks

The Last Promise, 40

Corrupt Theocracy, 31

Tenchi No Tsurugi, 30 (Japanese)

Devourer of Time, Eliwood mode reskin

Requiem, 26

Gheb Saga,

Maiden Quest, 10

Ostian Princess. 10

Yuri’s Sidestory, 2

Blazer’s One-Day Hack, 1

Sacred Contention, 1

Prisoner of Darkness 1

Active/ hacks on hiatus

FE7: Chaos Mode, (rebalance hack, 31), hiatus

The Last Promise - Hard Mode, 20, active

Crossover Hack 2.0, 16, active(Spanish)

Order of the Crimson Arm, 16, active

Death or Glory, 15, active

Elibian Nights, 15, active

The Road to Ruin, 13, active

Awful Emblem, 12, active

Bloodlines, 12, active

Inheritors of the Crusade, 10, active

The Book of Eden, 8, active

The Fallen King, 7, active

Fire Emblem: Spreading Flames, 7, active

The Grand Archipelago, 6, active

The Queen’s Lament, 6, active

Exalted Legacy, 5, hiatus

Chronicles of Lussaria, 3

Curse of the Emblem, 3

Fire Emblem: Origins, 3, active

Typhon’s Wake, 3, active

Inactive/dead hacks

Dream of Five, 25

FE4ever, 15

Zombie Apocalypse, 13?

Decay of the Fangs, 11

League of Champions, 6

Nintenlord Saga, 6

Fire Mumblem, 5

Devourer of Worlds V3: FE7 reskin up to Chapter 5

TactHack:Redux, 5

Shatterlight, 5

Project dondon, 4

Athos Mode, 1


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Finished hacks

The Sacred Lutes. (reskin)

FE8 Master Version, (Rebalance hack,)

Will of Good and Evil. (fe8 chapter length) (Chinese)

Tales of the Emblem (click is a direct download to patch)

The Sacred Overhaul, (rebalance hack)

FE8 NEW Reverse Recruitment patch

GhebFE, (Up to chapter…?)

Green Patch, (Japanese)

FEGirls (Japanese)

FE8 Mad Mode (Rebalance Patch)

Active hacks

Sacred Stones Weapon Reversal. Up to Ephraim Route

The Sun God’s Wrath, 14, active

Staff of Ages, 12, active

Midnight Sun, 11, active

From Dust to Dust, 1, active

Inactive/cancelled hacks

Binks Emblem, 10, dead. link is dead.

Devourer of Worlds V1: FE8 reskin, up to route split IIRC, dead

Devourer of Worlds V2: FE8, up to Chapter 5 IIRC, dead

A Sacred Dawn DX , Up to… ?, dead

A Sacred Dawn, Up to the route split, dead

The KOT Patch, (rebalance hack, 5) dead

SirSerenes’ FE8, (rebalance hack, ?) dead


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Finished hacks

FE6 Numbers Patch, (rebalance hack), finished

Sword of Seals ReDux, (rebalance hack), finished?

Shining Armor, 2, finished

Inactive/cancelled hacks

FE6: The Divine War, (rebalance hack to chapter 16?), dead

FE6: Easier Hack, (rebalance hack, up to chapter…?), dead


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Active Hacks/ on hiatus

Fire Emblem Fates: Content Restoration Patch, active

Fire Emblem Fates English Translation, (first 20 chapters for each route, menu), active

Fire Emblem Awakening Same-Sex marriages patch, Active

FE4 Lunatic Mode, (rebalance), active

Shin Patch (FE4), (rebalance, 10), active

FE4Online (FE4), 5(check thread for details), active

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ReDux (FE10), (rebalance, part 1), active

Pokeshin (Fire Red), active

Finished Hacks

INflation Patch (FE4) (rebalance) finished

Super Thracia (FE5) (rebalance) finished

Maniac Mode - English (FE9)

Reverse Recruitment (FE6, FE7, FE8)

0% Growth Rates (FE5-8, FE11)

“Tony Mode” (FE7, FE6) (click will lead to direct download)

FE Shadow Dragon Gaiden Requirements Removal Patch, (FE11)

Inactive/Cancelled hacks

Super Thracia - No rage mode (FE5) (rebalance, ?) dead

FAN GAMES (Not hacks)

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Fire Emblem Multiplayer

Street Posse Showdown, Demo, active

Micro Emblem, 18, active

FE7x: Immortal Sword (FEXNA), 11, active

Guardians of Valeira (SRPG Studio), 1, finished

Divinitas (FEXNA), ?, dead

FE2 Remake (SRPGStudio). Test version 2.0

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