Fire Emblem Event Assembler Questions

So I’m still new to Event Assembler, but there are a few things that I’m confused on how to do. If anyone could teach me how, that would be great. Thanks!

-How to cause a gameover if a specific character dies
-How to implement Merlinus and how to ask the player if they want to deploy Merlinus
-How to force deployment/change the amount of deployment slots/not allow characters to be deployed
-How to change the Lord
-How to keep inventory data from one chapter to the next

I really hope that someone can teach me how to do these things, if so thank you!

Trigger event ID 0x65 as a part of a character’s death quote, then include “CauseGameOverIfLordDies” in the Misc_events.
The game will ask the player if they want to deploy the merchant if s/he was loaded the previous chapter.
There is a patch somewhere that bans and forces certain characters to be deployed or not.
The number of player units(through battle preparations) is in the “Good” unit block, with each unit corresponding with a starting location and deployment slot.
Not really sure how to change which slots are considered lords, but they are ID’s 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, and 0x2D by default.
Keep inventory data? Like what a unit has in their inventory? That is saved automatically.