Fire emblem echoes rebalence

I wanted to make a lunatic mode for echoes a while back however doing so is tough since you cant edit map design and if you up the bases on generic enemies you also increase promo bonuses. So instead im going to pivot with the only stats being classes being mov, and other stats for enemy exclusive classes. I also want to try and make most weapons viable and all classes fun instead of cav emblem for alm and flier emblem for celica. I will not nerf any unit directly however some may become worse indirectly due to combat art changes and increased monster stats. If i do end up following through with this project i will be testing it with luma 3ds and not citra so i may need some help making sure everything runs for citra as well.

Couldn’t you improve enemy equipment? In hard mode lots of enemies gain iron weapons, and if you wanted to increase enemy quality without changing stats those enemies can do much better than iron weapons.

Good point. I may potentially be able to use forged weapons too. I’ll look into it however 3ds hacking can be weird so it may not be possible