Fire Emblem Echoes: Blazing Sword

Not sure who all has seen the latest “leaks” that claim the next Fire Emblem game will be a remake of both FE6 and FE7, packaged as one game entitled Fire Emblem Echoes: Blazing Sword. I’m curious as to everyone’s thoughts on the validity of these “leaks”, as well how you feel if the leaks were to be true. Personally, I was hoping the next remake would be FE6, so I am excited, but packaging both FE6 and FE7 into one game makes me nervous they will cut stuff out, considering we are looking at 60+ chapters if the remake were to remain true.

I haven’t heard anything about these “leaks”. Could you provide a link or something to them?


So we can see Lyn and Edchina in 3D? Better be Fe6 - Time Skip - Fe7


This is the article I read. Not sure on the credibility, just think it’s interesting.

Considering FE7’s localized name is Blazing Blade, not Blazing Sword, I highly doubt this is official.


I’m skeptical there was work in the pipeline for another 3DS remake considering how much development time and focus is spent on 3H.

I have doubts this is the name they’d go with. If they’re gonna follow a naming theme with the previous Echoes, it might be more something like “Dragons of Elibe”.

They should just remake FE6 while pretending FE7 never happened. That would lead to the best possible product regardless of what people want.

FE6 is its own story. This is a something that 99% of FE6 remake hacks forget when they just decide to add FE7 characters for no reason.


Not to mention Nintendo can make more money for remaking them as 2 separate games, as they were originally.

An FE6 remake would be tight albeit the gba version is still perfectly playable.

I agree with you. This is not the first time Nintendo doing this. They made FE1, then remade it with FE3 and add another chapter they called Book 2. After 14 years long, they chose to remake FE3 and separate them into FE11 and FE12

I highly doubt they would pack them as one game. FE6 being made first means they don’t really flow together because what happens in FE7 wasn’t established yet. Not to mention, FE7 was made more as “Getting the West into FE” rather than as a follow-through to FE6 specifically. Tacking Lyndis mode in front of the main story in case it’s baby’s first SRPG and making it about Roy’s dad since Roy was known by Western players. So they weren’t made to go together really.

I could see them remaking both separately though.

Are you sure about that one? It feels like Lynmode was quickly added middevelopment just to get fe7 into the west. It is so disconnected from the mainplot aside from fillernonsence regarding lyn and hausen that I just see no way the game was only made for that.

Actually, my problem is that FE7 does not fit FE6 and also has multiple plotholes internally while FE6 does not. If the game actually made sence, I would not be as opposed to putting in FE7 material for better interconnectivity.

That’s precisely what I mean. Lyn mode probably was shoved in (or as I phrased it, “tacked on”), and the mere fact they included it shows that the main idea with FE7 was appealing to the Western market, rather than being consistent with FE6. While some characters from the main story are overtly meant to just be the parents of FE6 characters, (see Louise and Klein for example) many have no relation at all. Because making a prequel to FE6 wasn’t the point, the point was making a FE for the West. So as a result the two games don’t have enough direct connections for a combined remake to make sense, or even work at all.

I doubt that’s official but I wouldn’t be upset at it but I don’t think it’s needed

I think I’d prefer a remake of Genealogy and Thracia since that would play out well with the Three Houses systems (time skip, battalions, birth signs). But Elibe is my favorite continent so I’d love to see everything with a fresh new coat of paint.

Whichever they do choose first on the list of what to remake, whether it be the Jugdral storyline or the Elibe storyline. I be happy seeing either one even though many do love 4 and 5 and as do I for the story and gameplay mechanic it has, seeing as how many hours can go into 3 Houses for one house. They could separate them and profit off of both BUT I think that would be too much focus on one storyline just for them to do that, with FE7’s existence and being consider as the prequel. I’m not gonna be surprise that they’ll look over the script, change what needs to change in order for any of it to fit and make sense so that FE6 doesn’t end up becoming the only story that makes much sense. The way how I see it, 6 and 7 has similar concept of 4 & 5 with the main characters and the next is seeing their kids take up their mantle. FE6 and 7 can be much more than the GBA’s limitations, they can expand more with what’s there with skills this time around and maybe even more classes the characters can be.

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