Fire Emblem: Doki Doki -Title is a WIP- *I'm new here by the way*

Hi and hello everyone, I’m Trez and I’d like to showcase a romhack that I have been working for a couple of weeks now

Fire Emblem: Doki Doki -it’s a work in progress-

Is a hack of FE8 and features characters from the popular visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club.

I just wanted to let y’all know that prior to this, my experience in FE Rom Hacking is just changing character portraits through FEditor and messing with Nightmare.

Class: Mage Lord

Mug Used: Kiran made by FireEmblemier

Class: Lord
Mug Used: Monika v2 made by DerTheVaporeon

Class: Valkerie
Mug Used: Sayori made by DerTheVaporeon

Class: Sniper (I was gonna make her a Berzerker as a reference to Buffsuki but I scratched it lmao)
Mug Used: Archer Wendy made by DerTheVaporeon (this was the only mug that I could find that looked like Natsuki)

Class: Swordmaster
Mug used: Karla from FE7 (it’s a place holder till I find a mug that looks like Yuri)

You may have noticed that everyone is a promoted class, I made that on purpose, as I plan for this hack to have 10 ish chapters tops.

I’ve worked on three chapters so far, reusing assests from the base game. Still a little unbalanced but I’m working on the story/cutscenes first.
I’ll make an update with a video and the custom animations I used.

Now here are some screenshots
emulator_17 emulator_02 emulator_03 emulator_04 emulator_05 emulator_06 emulator_07 emulator_08 emulator_09 emulator_10 emulator_11 emulator_12 emulator_13 emulator_16

Special thanks to
DerTheVaporeon for his mugs
FireEmblemier for the Kiran mug for the database of animations
and FEGBABuilder.

Please tell me your thoughts, I would love to read em.


I love the Monika portrait.

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This moment of ROM Hacking fills me with so much moments of glory and joy.


That’s strange. Why are all the characters Monika? All I see is Monika…


OMG thanks!
Coming from you that means alot

The Literature Club army is full of cute girls! Will you write fight the way into their heart? This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.

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Thank DerTheVaporeon for that!

OMG thanks! that means alot!

Is this still being worked on?

lol no sorry. My old laptop (where the files are located) is trash and I can barely press anything and I can’t be bothered to continue it in my new laptop

Well, we can establish that this ROM hack is cancelled with no further notice.

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Yeah, unfortunately.