Fire Emblem: Divine Genealogy (FE4XNA)


I’m looking at some different ideas for how to handle this question. One thing from Kaga’s notes that are available on SF is that they had originally intended for there to be a different male child based on who the husband was. So I’ve considered implementing something like that, or perhaps changing the male child’s class based on the pairing. Another idea that came up was implementing branched promotions, which would allow potential fathers to access different classes that would make them more viable as parents in various pairings.

Gen 2 is a bit of a ways off, so I’m not really set on a specific approach just yet. Just kind of thinking about it.


Will Pursuit also be reworked?

Trading also would make inheritance much easier to plan for, and with trading items that previously might have been locked to one character(Sigurd’s Silver Sword, Ayra’s Brave Sword) can be passed around. Both could be good or bad. It makes FE4 more approachable, but also kind of disrupts balance.
I personally think that as it is FE4 creates pretty interesting balance around items and money with lack of trading. For example, in Chapter 2 you have to choose who gets the Pursuit ring, since you can’t pass it around easily. It also means money is more important than ever, and you also need to think about who visits any given village.
This also means units can be given niches with events giving them weapons, rather than differentiating them with stats


Yes. Pursuit now allows the unit to double attack at +3 AS (instead of the standard +4 AS), and an enemy unit has to have +5 AS to double attack against the unit. But units will be able to naturally double attack at +4 AS.

I am addressing this issue by making the “rare” weapons that you obtain via the story into PRF weapons. Instead of the Silver Sword, Sigurd gets the Lustrous Sword. Instead of the Brave Sword, Ayra gets the Liuye Dao. Instead of the Brave Axe, Lex gets the Gilded Axe. And so on and so forth. So the ability to use these weapons will still require inheritance from a parent.

I’m also not quite sure how I intend to handle passing items from parent to child just yet.


I wonder how Pi’s FEIV remake is going.


I certainly hope that his project is going well. There are a lot of innovative gameplay ideas and some very impressive technical hacking feats. Pi’s remake splits the chapters up into multiple chapters with smaller maps, which is a substantially different approach than what I’ve decided to do with this remake. So with any luck and a lot of elbow grease, we’ll have two fantastic FE4 remakes to enjoy!


You mean two remakes to argue over about which is better and/or more accurate.


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Can’t think of much to say, so for now I’d like to ask if Constitution from the GBA games will be here. I’ve basically just started FE4, so if I come up with any other questions I’ll ask.

P.S. I hope that you do manage to get rid of all that time spent doing nothing (aka going through the forest of Chapter 1)