Fire Emblem: Divided We Stand

Hello all,
I’m proud to inform you that my hack’s story is almost complete (Literally 2 chapters of writing left), so I’m able to tell you the overall story/plot of my hack.

The Setting is set on modern day Earth. However…move on to plot.

In the year 1988, President Reagan signed a bill that officially banned “specials” across America and were forced to be deported to Great Britain. Millions of Americans were taken from their homes, beaten, raped, and even died for rebelling.
Fast Forward to 2009…a ten year old by the name of Tristan and his friends (Aubrey,Laura,Brian,Zach) were playing hide-and-seek, until a soldier from the President Elite Corps arrives only to take Tristan to Great Britain. During hiding, Laura tells Tristan that he is part Divine Dragon, from the blood of Naga herself. in order to prevent anything from happening to their village, the 5 kids decide to fight the soldiers, carrying Silver Swords (Laura holding a Iron Axe), only to be defeated by the soldier’s might. After the battle, Tristan is carried to Great Britain only to be met by the PM, Obbek (Main Antagonist).
Fast Forward to 2019…Tristan attempts to rebel against Obbek because he is committing genocide. In a battle with Obbek, Tristan is blasted off to Germany by the might of the Demon lance. After Tristan wakes up, he is then met by none other than Laura and Brian, who then decide to help Tristan in his cause to defeat Obbek. Along his journey he will come across old rivals, friends, and even Aubrey and Zach, who will have their own ark in the story. Its up to Tristan and friends to put a stop to Obbek and his dastardly ways.

What will be included
Enemies can trade
4 hard modes (Intermediate,Lunatic,Insanity,Maniac)
Reality mode (if a unit dies…THEY DIE, even through chapter resets. Laura and Brian don’t have special privilege of coming back every chapter)
Aubrey/Zach Ark
Punishment xChapters
A sequence break in Zach Ark
New Legendary weapons (based on mythology)
New Classes
Some Escape Chapters
A Thracia FOW chapter
Joke Weapons (Belt, Stop Sign, Steel Pole, etc.)
A NEW WEAPON called Blast Rod! Only 2 people can use it
More coming soon…

So you guys know, Obbek is NOT the final boss, but my friend and I will make him seem like it.

I thank you guys for reading this and more details will be coming when the time comes. Have Questions? I’ll answer them when I can.

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This is…interesting…?

Story’s rather weird, based on what you’ve given us so far. I’m wondering who’s going to be implementing enemy trading (why does this even need to exist anyway?), 4 hard modes, and reality mode. Also, what’s a punishment chapter?

Gaiden chapters…that require killing off some units, much like Shadow Dragon. For example, Aubrey will have a split promotion that requires killing off one of his starting units…in his story. It’s still in the planning phase right now. I, personally, plan on cutting out 2 of the 4 hard modes, keeping maniac and Lunatic.

I feel like Reality mode will be the toughest thing to implement into the hack. I’m going to confirm with my friend in the coming week because I’m preparing for exams. If its ok with him…we will cut enemy trading from the final game.

I’m just wondering why it would be necessary in the first place. To me, it’s one of those ideas that sounds great at first, then you think about it and realize it’s not very useful. You can just give the enemy the (whatever it is they traded) in the first place. At least, that’s the way I see it.
Also, it’d probably be a pain in the neck to code, which is why I was curious as to who was implementing your asm hacks.

did you just copy elements of Shadows of Valentia’s story?

Will there be guns? And if not how will you account for the fact that guns definitely exist in real life and enemy soldiers should be using them?

We were thinking about have ONE gun using unit. Which ark is the part we need to figure out.


We decided to have a total of 5 gun-using playable units and most enemies on the GBR ark (endgame) will use guns.

This is The 100 before the pilot; there are no guns, only javelins bows and machetes

Actually, you are right about the pilot chapter. The soldiers will have javelins and bows. The kids have Silver Swords (Iron Axe in Laura’s case.)

I’m proud to inform you that the story for FE: DWS Book 1 is now 100% complete, excluding endings. After exams, Im going to get to work on the actual hack. If you have questions about the hack (new classes,units, joke weapons, etc.), please let me know. I will answer when I can.

So you guys know…WAIT!!! BOOK 1??? thats for you guys to figure out what i mean (its obvious)

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I’ve brought it up before via pms too

Now it’s going to be public

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Can there be like screenshots or something

It seems like all concept no actual material. I know it’s just a story but try and make what your expectations are and make them at least feasible

A lot of this stuff seems asm heavy. R u doing the asm or someone else?

Isn’t it obvious he’s gonna hack Advance Wars, not Fire Emblem

The story has been completed. However, the actual game and map design is still in the planning phase. I have exams to take, so this project will be prolonged. Sry :cry: