Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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happy BEE-DAY, agro!!! :apple:


I also would have accepted


inb4 @L95 has nightmares


I think that ship has sailed


“Not the bees” actually amuses me immensely.



I got my first Bloodlines fan-art. T’was a good day!


this is so fun


So are the bee reinforcements now changed for this map or are you just testing stuff? When I played they only showed up if you stepped on that one tile with the honeycomb.


the map got a slight redesign. :open_mouth:


Rekt. Sorry, I’ve been kinda… inactive. But I do catch up here from time to time.


Update time. Been busy rewriting some stuff, and making changes and stuff. But here’s some cool new progress pics.

Contains character and class spoilers.

decided to add in a new chapter between chapter 5 and 6. so now chapter 6 is 7! (= more fun)


Take your pick. Because you can only choose one :D~

wait waht is–


protect da horziez

hoping I can showcase some even newer progress soon, regarding plot and such. Til next time~


This will make Nih proud



Hm, I wonder how Jonah and Jane will differ, or why (in story) we can’t recruit both… are they different classes (that both use lances), or do they just have different stat spreads? Judging by their screenshots, Jane actually looks like the tanky one - take that, stereotypes! (Unless she’s slower AND more frail, which would suck for her. Or if they’re getting different terrain evade bonuses… 39 Avoid is way too high for a level 1 unit naturally, so Jonah is sitting on a forest, and it’s possible Jane is a Pegasus Knight and just has 25 Avoid naturally, but she could also be standing on a village and have 15 Avoid naturally., which would mean she’s slower than Jonah… I don’t know. I can tell that both have 4 or 5 Skill, but either Jane has one more Skill and two or three more Luck, or (unlikely) six or seven more Luck. Or something. I’m not totally sure about the calculations, and you might have changed the Slim Lance’s stats or something.)

How many chapters is that now for part 2? Four?

Also, will there be playable horses?


ooooh, cool analysis-

they differ slightly base stat wise. in growths and class they are different! Plot wise there’s a reason you can only pick one. That’s gonna be an on going thing in bloodlines, hopefully. Where you have a choice of picking a unit to stay, and in turn not being able to use another.

i don’t really know how many chapters there will be at this point for part 4 haha. Its pretty plot heavy and i need chapters to explain stuff. def more than 4 though!

as for playable horses… there’s a concept I’m working on: Familiars.

I’m really interested in seeing if there are ways to play with AI so a familiar can be commanded to either attack enemies, or stay in place, or follow the familiar’s ‘master’.

I’m sure there’s a way. @Brendor, is that doable? (I’m also testing the AI’s again, since i’m working on another chapter with 3rd factions.) but yeah.


Do it with events and CHAIs?


0x00, 0x09, 0x00, 0x00




BetterGuard + MOVENEXTTO at everyturn through events.

what sort of condition stuff is involved in that last one, if any?
So would there be an event ID that gets triggered every time you select ‘protect’. and then if you want to change orders, ‘roam’ and ‘charge’ turn off that ID, so it stops checking if Protect was activated and in turn, not have the character move next to ally?

hopefully that made sense :open_hands:


Step into my office


Bloodlines Progress. Did someone call Soul Calibur?
New class to be featured in the next patch. The Calcos (Lizardman)
Asset: Strength, Speed, Defense, Res
Weakness: Skill, HP, Ice magic
Really stoked to complete his animation! And it will be featured in the next Monthly Hacker’s Digest.

Creds to TBA, I used the armor brig as a base


the lizard people are here, yay. can haz like wolf people plz