Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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try now?


I’m not a fan of them repeating “3 way” and “threesome”, it seems kind of… Idk, we get it, we’re fighting 2 people at the same time, you don’t need to keep telling us.

Other than that tidbit, I think it’s an interesting idea :o


That map theme sounds so familiar and it’s driving me nuts. Where is it originally from again?


some obscure inuyasha game right @Alusq

thanks @Dancer_A !


didn’t TLP use it also? That’s probs why it sounds familiar to you. Our mix of it is 1001% better, though


That’s probably where I heard it. It’s a really catchy theme.


You can’t beat the TLP version of Ernst tho




That shit looks super neat tbh

My favorite part is when he turns into a general for his moving sprite


It’s a Transformer.


Phew… worked on this all day. Very happy with how it came out. 2.0 is slated to be released the 14th.
So fucking amped rn




Trailer’s looking pretty sexy fam


Finish playing this hack (v1.4), it’s awesome!! :smile: , And from what I see many interesting and exciting things come, Good luck and thanks for this amazing hack! :v:
PD: Dewey Is the best character :V …


You know there’s an updated version available? <— Thread. <— d/l

@ghast Update your thread!


Thanks! Darrman :smile: I did not know that, I’m new :wink:… Time to try play again this hack.


I’m still a fan of the theory that Dewey turns into a massive Rottweiler and tears his enemies to shreds.

Or something like this.



Hulk dogs?? lol, id rather have a wolf dewey, anyway, everybody loves dewey


Hey, Ghast, the Dropbox links don’t seem to be working for some reason